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Rest day gains

Rest day gains

Anyone here notice gains the day after a rest day

I’ve never heard of gains coming from resting so soon but I have heard that gains come from more extended breaks. I myself am on a decon break and am hoping this happens to me.

I’ve gone a few days with following the standard routine plus clamping. I’ve seen a massive increase in my flaccid length and girth (especially girth). I’m taking tomorrow off completely so I’m really excited to see if it stays larger w/o any PEing!

I do the newbie routine on M, T, W off, T, F , and S,S off. Started this routine a month ago, and I believe the resting periods is what brings in the growth.

I sometimes have noticed better flaccid hang on rest days. But it takes more then one day off for that.

On a rest day your EQ becomes higher usually so you notice the benefits that the PE growth has done (If they have).

I don’t know if it’s a nonsense question but I’ve just started doing The newbie routine recommended and I was wondering if taking the rest days is important for any other reason besides avoiding injuries.

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