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Red spots ::

Red spots ::

How can I avoid getting red spots on my penis? What is the cause of this spots?should I ignore them and continue my PE exercises or should I wait till they disappear?

you barely started this month and you are already getting red spots? What is your routine? Are you jelqing with a full erection?

Red spots

I do warm up for 10 min, 15 min of stretching , 150 jelqs at let’s say 70 % erected , 50-70 kegels and at the end another warm up.

You don’t have to do as many jelqs if you do good quality jelqs. Take a week off. Dangler post about discoloration is pretty much what will happen to you if you are not careful.

The red spots you are seeing are tiny broken blood vessels under the skin. Your penis is made up of thousands of blood vessels to give you erections. When you work out your penis doing jelqing you are stretching the tiny blood vessels past their capacity and bursting them. This is normal in the human body. Your body repairs the broken blood vessels and gets rid of the blood (red spots) within 24 to 36 hours. All a red spot means is your getting a good work out and getting results. As the body repairs the stretched innners of your penis it also repairs the vessels. Newbies will see more of this then the vets because their penis is used to it. It’s normal to see those red spots so I wouldn’t panic.

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