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Red dots

Red dots


Yesterday I returned to PE. I had not did it for a long time, previously had not did it quite a seriously. But now I created schedule for this. I`m starting with newbie routine. I did hot wrap with sock of rice.

I did first training yesterday, and today I have some small red dots on penis (I guess haemorrhages) not many of them, just some and largest is like 3mm. They are not on penis head, but in skin closed to head.
Should I keep going or make penis rest? :)

Maybe make rest for a day or two,

but probably more importantly,

keep consistently firm but NOT TOO HARD pressure.

And don’t jelq with 100% erection. 75%-85% is better for not stressing out your dick.

Yes absolutely take a rest and once they are gone use less pressure and perform the exercises at a lower erection level if you are getting hard during the exercise.

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Yes, I`m not doing jelq with 100% erection. Yesterday I still did my newbie routine, but a bit softer. And today, I see that red dots are gone, just in some places a bit of dull spots, quite not seenable. So today full routine.

1) I will do routine like: 3days work, 1day rest and so on. What you think about it?
2) I have a bit problem doing jelq, becaused all skin going up on stroke, so I need use other hand to keep all skin and balls back. I don`t know if that is right technique, I hope you get my explanation? And any ideas about it?

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Be consistent. I found the dots appear when I am not consistent. Also they come from high internal pressure.

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