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Longest anyone has had red dots

Longest anyone has had red dots

I’m just curious, what’s the longest anyone has ever had the little red dots on their glans? I got them a few weeks ago during PE. Thought little of them at first because they would only show (and still only do) during PE and for a little while afterwards — would be gone by next PE session. Just took few days break before resuming PE at minimum levels while keeping eye on them. Few days later decided they definitely weren’t going to go away unless took good long break, so took a 3 week break from any touching of wang other than urination, basically. Just now, I tried 10minutes of jelqing for first time back and bam there they are again.

I’ve had red dots before and they went away after a week or so of no PE. This having them come right back immediately — the same few dots — after a three week break is different.

Anyone else had this happen?

Everytime I hung I got them immediately - went away after a day or so.

Never got them from jelqing for some reason…

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Like 1 day.

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Originally Posted by Klayton
Everytime I hung I got them immediately - went away after a day or so.

Never got them from jelqing for some reason…

Same here. I used to get them though when I first started PE, but never saw them again two months after that.

They took me a couple of weeks to go away. I had one that came back almost immediately when resuming PE. It then became a discoloration and never became red again. I don’t PE no more and eventually it lightened up, but it is still there.

Vkn - I got a case from using too much heat and pressure that was terrible and lasted it seems like forever. You’re gonna have to take a long break.

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vkn1 - It seems unusual that it takes so long for your red dots (petechial hemorrhges) to go away. The amount of blood lost from the capillary breaks is generally so small that the ‘garbage eating’ cleanup cells of the body (macrophages) handle them within a day or two.

Is this a new problem or have red dots always taken this long to resolve? Do normal bruises anywhere else take a long time to go away?

You’re not going to stop the red spots from coming. Even with great conditioning, there will be days where over pressuring capillaries will cause them to occur. ‘Choking the chicken’ and choking your neighbor both share the same mechanism. It’s the duration that the remain which is very interesting.

Sometimes hours, usually a day though.

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Pudendum, when I have had red dots in the past, I’ve only had to quit PE for a week or so at the most and they would be gone. This ‘set’ of them is different. They look the same, but it’s just that they seem to always come back. It’s the same set of dots.

Do you know whether or not capillaries have the ability to adapt to stress? Might they get tougher and eventually stop hemorrhaging every time. I’m aware that red dots are inevitable and not something to be concerned about generally speaking. However, these ones bother me because, since it is the same ones reappearing every time I PE, I feel like I am “reopening wounds” every time, which is a different thing from the usual just getting dots that go away (though they look the same as any red dots I’ve had in the past). To answer your question about other bruising not going away: no signs of any other poor healing of anything. I’d say I’m of excellent health.

If you think you keep getting the same red dots, then take at least a few weeks away from doing things that bring them on.

vkn1 - If you continue to have these dots at the same places, you are experience ongoing damage to the same capillaries. Capillaries are very thin walled vessels without the smooth muscle component seen in larger arteries and veins. Red blood cells pass through in single file in most cases. Even so, if capillaries were seriously fragile, we wouldn’t survive because we’d bleed every time we moved.

Capillaries probably don’t do much overall changing during conditioning; they’re just too thin. So exposure to increased instantaneous pressures can cause them to disrupt.

It is probable that these spots are hanging around longer because you continually refill these small spaces, overcoming the bodies abilities to clean them up quickly.

There is a relationship between bruising and vitamin C deficiency. Try upping your Vitamin C intake, maybe by 500 - 1000 mg/day. Don’t go much higher; over consumption can cause increased kidney stone formation in susceptible individuals.

Are you taking aspirin or any of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) like Motrin or Alleve? These will decrease your bloods clotting ability and therefore bleeding from minor capillary breaks will look bigger and be much more noticeable. Unless your on them because a physician put you on them, you might think about discontinuing them. Take Tylenol, it dose not affect clotting.

Keep us informed how things are going.

I’m not taking any anti-inflammatories, but I may very well could use more Vitamin C. Good to hear there’s something like that I can try. Indeed, my diet over the last 3 months or so has been unusually bad. Thanks for the advice I’ll try it.

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