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Ready to start my journey

Ready to start my journey

Hi everyone,

This is my first post. I’ve lurked here for quite a while, reading up on articles and different techniques. So far I’ve done some light jelqing and stretching about twice a week for the past few months, preparing myself for some abuse and I’m about ready to begin some serious PE.

My motivation? I’m the typical stereotyped japanese male. About 5” NBPEL and 4.5” EG. I’m hoping to jump out of the slightly below average range into the slightly above average. My goal (for now :-, ) is to hit 6.5” NBPEL and 5.5” EG by march. I think that’s entirely reasonable.

What I need help with is making my own routine. I know I have the newbie routine to fall back upon, but I want to try something different. Here’s what I was thinking.

50 DLD blasters and 10 mins of jelqing every mon, wed, fri.
30 mins of jelqing every tues, thurs.
And leaving sat and sun to recover.

Too much? Not enough? Newbie routine better? What do you guys think?

It may seem basic and less of a challenge, but there really is no better routine to begin with than the newbie one - if only to get your cock used to the principals of PE. After a few months you can introduce your own ideas to the mix..

Be patient, consistent and thorough and you should see results…leave the DLD blasters for later down the line…

Welcome to Thunder’s..:up:

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Hi nl12,

Welcome to the forum.

Stereotypes are such a drag.

Your routine looks a little weird and here’s why:

You are talking about splitting the stretching from the jelqing by an entire day and jelqing infrequently but for a long period. You are more likely to gain with a more consistent routine because when jelqing 2 or 3 days in a row you are building on the previous day but leaving a big gap loses the cumulative effect to some extent. I don’t imagine you will get to the stage of needing your rest days badly.

DLD blasters are a routine designed to tire the BC muscle allowing the penis to be pulled out of the body with less resistance. Simply lowering the level of the stretch with BTCs will mean you are pulling on the ligs and only the ligs anyway, so there seems little point in the blasters (conversely when stretching the tunica later in your PE career the blaster is effectively useless). That said it is can be an effective routine because it encourages people to stretch more than they otherwise would and to kegel more than they otherwise would, in most situations.

I think you’ll get more gains from the newbie routine, don’t start at 30 mins jelqing, and work on trying to be consistent.

Good luck and good gains.

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