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any reason to stretch now if i'm bout to start hanging?

any reason to stretch now if i'm bout to start hanging?

I’m currently pending on deciding whether or not I want to pick up PE again. I decided about a month ago to pick it back up cuz I broke up w/ gf and want to get 7.5” and fuck her one more time before I never talk to her again(haha). When she was feeling insecure, she used to lie to me about how big her ex boyfriend’s and guys she had seen dicks were. and i caught her and called her out! how funny is that, she got so mad.

ANYWAYS, the point of my thread…
I’m going to start hanging soon, never done it before. PE’D for about year and a half, got 1.5” gain, but reached plateau and stopped. Now bout year later I picked it up for about a month and a half, stretching and jelqing with new techniques I’ve picked up with slower results that I want. I only want length right now and my question then is, is there any reason for me to be stretching right now for like 3 weeks if in about three weeks I’m going to start hanging? Also, is there any reason for me to jelq if i only want length?


I think it would be worth while to manually stretch for the next few weeks before hanging if for no other reason than to get your dick conditioned for hanging. Besides you may just add that extra mm. What the heck!

As far as jelqing, if you have the time I say add it to your routine. When I first started PE I was only jelqing and I did see some modest gains. There are those here that report they have gained decent length with jelqing only.

Good luck on the gains and welcome to the forum

Is there anyone who has achieved sufficient length gains by only jelqing after they’ve allready gained at least an inch?? thnkz yalls, your input is appreciated

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