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RANT: WTF I'm not gaining

RANT: WTF I'm not gaining

I’ve been doing the newbie routine for quite a while and have not gain nothing. 15 min of stretch to all direction, 200 jelqs, and that thing where you put your penor between your legs and sit down.

How long have you been in the nwebie routine? If you beend doing it for a long time without any gains then maybe you were born with a counditioned penis and should advance to another level (pumping/hanging/ads/clamping).

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

How’s your consistency D-Block?

I do it 2 on 1 off. Ice been doing it for like 5 months

I started doing it consistence for 2 months then like on the third or fourth I slacked off but I got on it again.

Hey, I like a guy that gives an honest answer. How long have you been PEing recently? If you have a couple of consistent months under your belt, then maybe you could try a more advanced routine. Maybe give mem’s monumental gains routine a shot?

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There are many reasons that could explain why you have not gained.

How intense were your workouts? Were your workouts consistent? Have your measurements been consistent?

PE takes consistency like you would not believe. Try doing it religiously for 3 months straight.

Some people gain easy but the majority of us have to make PE a way of life to see gains.

Try a different workout and stay consistent with it.

Well now you know.

What is your LOT?

Have you been sore at any time?

You really don’t have any reason to rant yet, you know that right?

Whats LOT? I have been consistence like I said for a few months. I didnt gain nothing. I measure my penis every week. I was never sore.

PE is a long and time consuming process. Rant all you want, but that isn’t going to change. If you feel you’ve outgrown the newbie routine and that you have conditioned yourself properly, it may be time to move onto some combination of hanging/pumping/clamping and focus less on manual exercises.

I’ve put in over a year for moderate length gains and next to no girth gains even though I’ve been solely focusing on girth. Just stick with it.

I think you might feel as though things are progressing slowly due to comparison with members who claim gains of upwards of 1.5” inches of length and 1” of girth in a single year or even less. Personally I’m of the opinion that there are many exaggerated claims on these boards. Forgive my skepticism and not to belittle the process of PE in away way of course (I believe gains do come with time), but I find that some members do report rapid and almost ridiculous gains similar to those that PE pills claim to be able to give a man.

If these gains were actually possible, where are the before & after shots? There are only a handful of members with before & after shots with visible gains and quite a bit less with ruler shots to back them up. With 70,000 registered members, I believe Thunder’s Place could indeed prove to the world that PE works if even half of the guys reporting over 1.5” length and 1” girth gains had before & after ruler shots taken from the same angle with the same measuring device.

Hell, if the day ever comes that I am able to say that I have 6 inches of midshaft girth (and I strongly doubt it will), I will post the before & after shots right on the outside of my bedroom door.

Anyways.. I’m getting away from the topic. My point is, don’t try to compare yourself to guys who have “gained x amount of length in a year and y amount of girth in a year”. Focus on dedication and consistency along with technique. If you don’t feel the time input is worth it, don’t do it. It’s very simple. Based on your “rant”, I’m assuming you don’t PE consistently. If I were you and I had been consistent with my routine and constantly improving my technique, I would have posted a far longer rant detailing everything involved in my routine and my thoughts on potential reasons as to why it may be failing.

Again, if doing the newbie routine “for quite a while” has conditioned your penis to the point where you believe you are ready to hand/clamp/pump, this may be the direction you need to head in.

Good luck,

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Hey guys I’m very new here, still on newbie routine, I build pressure every jelq but am not sure if I’m still under doing it or over doing it, so the question is, should I be jelqing till I’m sore the next day? Also should I be stretch in my newbie routine?

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