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Random Growth?

Random Growth?

Hey all,

It’s been a while. I’ve been REALLY hectic with school finishing up this semester, so I haven’t been doing much other than the odd stretching for a few minutes before bed, piss pulls and edging when I J/O. I measured (roughly) tonight and, although it wasnt a tape measure or ruler, I measured this way before consistantly (using a magazine for reference), and noticed a bump up from about <=6.5NBPEL to approximately 6.75NBPEL and 7.3BPEL to about 7.625-7.75BPEL tonight. I guess you “could” chalk it up to inconsistant measuring with an object that isn’t a measuring device, but I measured the exact same way and measured this distance later with a measuring tape and came up with these numbers. How is it that I gained about .25 inches doing nothing? Decon break? Incorrect measuring?

4/15/06 6 BPEL 4.75 EG 7/28/06 6.375 NBPEL 6.75 BPEL 5 EG 7.5 BPFSL

8/5/06 7 BPEL 5 EG 6.5 NBPEL

Goal: 8 NBPEL 6.25 EG

Time off is sometimes needed. If your dick is overtrained it will not be 100%

Originally Posted by jmag

piss pulls


I am surprised more discussion is not made over hardness and temperature in measurement. I have often thought I lost length and realized I was pretty soft and it is hard to stay hard during the unsexy process of measurement. My flaccid size varies wildly along with how low my balls hang according to temperature.

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