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Cellular Growth Hypothesis


Cellular Growth Hypothesis

Hypothesis: The decrease in length and girth gains after the initial gains, is the product of a constant cellular growth, which masks the results because of the two dimensional measurement techniques.

Translation: Since we measure length and width instead of total volume we see a decrease in gains because as our member gets bigger it takes more volume to fill the larger package, therefore we must have more cellular growth per unit of measure.


1. Cellular growth causes the increase in size of the penis.

2. The penis is cylindrical. (For calculation purposes)

Ok, lets start by taking our first measurements. 5.5” BPEL 4.5”EG looks good for a beginner. Now, lets figure his volume (assuming his penis is cylindrical) using the formula :

V= 3.1416 r2 h (Pi times r squared times h)
V is volume
r is the radius of penis
h is the length of penis (BPEL)

First we must find the radius of our penis. Using the girth measurement and the formula
C = 2 pi r
C = circumference (EG)
pi = 3.1416
r = radius of penis
When rearranged the formula becomes:
r = C / 6.2832
r = 4.5” / 6.2832
r = 0.7162”

Now back to our original formula:
V = 3.1416 r2 h
V = 3.1416( (0.7162)(0.7162)) (5.5)
V = 8.8630 cubic inches

Right about now I am wondering if this is the method used to figure the size of a porn stars penis.
Sure would explain a lot, maybe someone else can investigate that theory, I know DLD has written extensively on the subject.

Now how is this information useful? Well if we compare the amount of increase in volume to go from 4.5” EG to 4.6” EG we get the following:

From above V = 8.8630 cubic inches at 5.5 BPEL and 4.5 EG

At 5.5 BPEL and 4.6 EG
r = 4.6 / 6.2832 = 0.7321”

V = 3.1416 ((0.7321) (0.7321)) (5.5) = 9.2609 cubic inches

This is an increase of 0.3979 cubic inches of “cellular growth”.

Now lets try the same 0.1 increase in EG measurement on a person who has already had significant gains and is at a nice size of 5.0” EG and 6.5”BPEL.

At 5.5” EG and 6.5” BPEL
r = 5.5 / 6.2832 = 0.8754”
V = 3.1416( (0.8754)(0.8754))(6.5)=15.6487 cubic inches

At 5.6” EG and 6.5” BPEL
r = 5.6 / 6.2832 = 0.8912”
V = 3.1416 ((0.8912)(0.8912))(6.5)=16.2186 cubic inches

This is an increase of 0.5699 cubic inches or “cellular growth”.

Now lets take this same 0.1 increase in EG measurement on a person with a 6.0” EG and
8.0” BPEL.

At 6.0” EG and 8.0” BPEL
r = 6.0 /6.2832 = 0.9549”
V = 3.1416 ((0.9549)(0.9549)) (8.0) = 22.9169 cubic inches

At 6.1” EG and 8.0” BPEL
r = 6.1/6.2832 = 0.9708”
V = 3.1416 ((0.9704)(0.9704)) (8.0) = 23.6670 cubic inches

This is an increase of 0.7501 cubic inches of “cellular growth”.

What about length gains? Lets try this same strategy using the 0.1” gain in BPEL.

At 5.5”BPEL and 4.5” EG.
From above V = 8.8630 cubic inches.

At 5.6” BPEL and 4.5” EG
r = 4.5 /6.2832” = 0.7162”
V = 3.1416 ((0.7162)(0.7162)) (5.6) = 9.0240 cubic inches

Which is a difference of 0.161 cubic inches of “cellular growth”.

At 6.5” BPEL and 5.5” EG
From above V=15.6487 cubic inches.

At 6.6” BPEL and 5.5” EG
r = 5.5/6.2832= 0.8754”
V = 3.1416 ((0.8754)(0.8754)) (6.6) = 15.8889 cubic inches.

Which is a difference of 0.2402 cubic inches of “cellular growth”.

At 8.0” BPEL and 6.0” EG
r = 6.0 /6.2832 = 0.9549”
V = 3.1416 ((0.9549)(0.9549)) (8.0) = 22.9169 cubic inches

At 8.1” BPEL and 6.0” EG
r = 6.0/6.2832 = 0.9549”
V = 3.1416 ((0.9549)(0.9549)) (8.1) = 23.2034 cubic inches

This is an increase of 0.2865 cubic inches of “cellular growth”.

**** NOTE: This hypothesis makes no compensation for the increase in length acquired from a repositioning of the penis from inside the body to outside the body. ****

Now lets use both BPEL and EG gains together to see the amount of “cellular growth” to increase size by 0.1” in each measurement.
I will spare you the details of the calculations and just show the results.

At 5.5” BPEL and 4.5” EG V = 8.8630 cubic inches.
At 5.6” BPEL and 4.6” EG V = 9.4293 cubic inches.
A difference of 0.5663 cubic inches of cellular growth.

At 6.5” BPEL and 5.5” EG V = 15.6487 cubic inches
At 6.6” BPEL and 5.6” EG V = 16.4862 cubic inches
A difference of 0.8375 cubic inches of cellular growth.

At 8.0” BPEL and 6.0” EG V = 22.9169 cubic inches
At 8.1” BPEL and 6.1” EG V = 23.9826 cubic inches
A difference of 1.0567 cubic inches of cellular growth.

Now how can we use this information to help us all in our pursuit of the perfect size?
Well first of all, (with the assumption that our cellular growth stays constant during our PE career) we can now see that as we progress and see an increase in our measurements, we can understand that larger members must have more cellular growth for each increase in BPEL and EG measurement.With this in mind we should expect that our gains will come slower using BPEL and EG measurement as we get larger, therefore we should wait a longer interval between measurements.
Due to the inherent inaccuracy of the two dimensional measurement and the limited precision of the measuring devices, it would be possible to see an apparent loss of size, if measurements are taken too frequently.

I do not claim to be an expert nor do I make any claim as to the validity or accuracy of any calculations in this post. I simply offer this information as an interesting observation of the mechanics and geometry involved in PE.
It would be interesting to see a study done to see if cellular growth is indeed constant. This would allow a person who has had a significant gain to calculate his own rate of cellular growth and to estimate the length of time required to reach his next goal. Allowing him to schedule his “official” measurement times to coincide with reaching his expected goal.

If however we change our routine to possibly increase the rate of cellular growth that would allow us to reach our goals sooner. This may explain the need for persons with some growth to progress to more intense workouts to see and increase in size.

Thank you for reading this post and please feel free to make comments about it. As I said I do not claim to be an expert.



Thank you for the mathematics lesson in penile geometry. That took a lot of effort. You’ve made a good observation in comparing volume changes in penis size rather than just concentrating on length or diameter size of the dick. For those wanting a bit more precise way to monitor their overall penis size changes, your information may provide them with an alternative measuring format.


WOW. I_want_8, that’s awesome.

Now I feel like I need to start measuring by volume now - gains look more impressive. :)

Attention everybody: After attempting to read this thread, I would like to bring to everyone’s attention that I have just been completely mind fucked. #:-o

i_want_8_inches needs to change his name to Einstein. Just kidding.


Well I wouldn’t exactly call myself Einstein, but I did consider myself a Nerd in school. I had did a couple of searches redarding this subject before I posted it, and didnt really find the information I was looking for. After I posted this I did another search using the word “volume” and found a lot of similar information and a volume calculator. Now I feel pretty silly, I thought I was onto something with this volume thing, but I guess I need to spend more time reading and less time behind the calculator.

The calculations come easy for me, but the details about what is actually happening when we do PE are still very new to me.

Is the growth we experience due to new cells being formed?

Does the stretching exercises create new tissue or just stretch out the old tissue? I know that the skin will stretch and if stretched too quickly will create stretch marks, is the tissue covering the stretch marks new tissue or what?

My reason for delving into this subject was to try and estimate how quickly I could have growth if I stayed at the same rate of growth. I had read a lot of posts about quick gains in the beginning and then slow growth afterwards. This led me to thinking about the “volume” of the penis and how it must grow in three dimensions to see an increase in size on the two dimensional measurements.

I’ll spare you guys the calculations from now on.

No, i_want_8_inches. Don’t say so, I find this thread interesting and certainly others as well. I am sure calculation penis volume instead of length and girth makes people more motivated… The other questions are still there, what happens etc… I believe we will figure that out together as time goes on…

Happy PEing!

Restarting everything.

The growth in length , girth, and hence, volume is permanent and is accomplished by 1. stretching and 2. by replication of cells in response to the the stress of stretching (either fromm inside by pumping or outside by pulling, or hydraulically by jelking.) The body respnds to stress by replication and stretch, but the permanentcy comes from growth i.e. more cells equals larger organ.

volume increase

According to your math approach I grew from 19.18 cubic inches to 27.24 cubic inches. This is a 42.54% increase. Wow! sounds impressive put that way. Thought it looked fat and massive….a real handful. Interesting math application.

WOW! that’s impressive when its put that way. I really wasn’t looking at the volume aspect as much as I was the rate of growth and how it is measured. I am really concerned that for me to reach my goal of 8.0BPEL that I will have to continually increase my workout to see gains.

But, when you look at the volume numbers you can see that for a person to go from 5.5 BPEL by 4.5EG to 6.5BPEL by 5.5EG that he must increase his volume by nearly double. And to reach 8.0BPEL by 6.0 EG he must nearly triple his volume.

Now lets not get discouraged here, because there is a silver lining here. If we look at the affects of volume increase we begin to see that even a slight gain on the ruler makes a big difference in volume, and a vagina or anus can only hold so much volume. :D


You next calculatron will be to determine the volume capacity of vaginas and anusses :D

Here is a site to calculate your over all dick volume, beneath. Just put your length in the “altitude” box, and put your circumferance in the “perimeter” box, then press on the “solve” button. The answer will come up on the left.
Suprisingly, a dick of 6x6 has about 45% more volume(meat) than a dick of 6x5. No matter what length it is, an increase from 5” girth to 6” girth, would mean you had grown 45% more meat to your dick. 1 inch makes all the difference it seems. lol

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Ok, I’ve done some more calculating and I’d like to share what I found. Using the volume calculations as I did in the original post Ive determined my starting volume (best estimate due to inaccurate measurements) and Ive determined my current volume which is at 8 weeks.

Starting Volume 8.8629 cubic inches
Current Volume 11.3472 cubic inches

A difference of 2.4843 cubic inches

Divide that by 8 weeks and I get 0.311 cubic inches per week.

Now assuming that I can maintain my present growth rate I can figure the number of weeks until I should reach the next goal.

Goal 6.25 BPEL and 5.125 EG
Volume = 13.0634 cubic inches

Subtract my current volume and I get a difference of 1.7162 cubic inches.

Divide that by 0.311 cubic inches per week and I get 5.518 weeks.

Now why do I want to know this information? Well, it is useful to know that even at my maximum growth rate I should not see those gains sooner that 5 or 6 weeks. This will hopefully prevent me from measuring every week and seeing no gains.

The number of weeks between noticeable gains will drastically increase as the penis gets larger.
When I reach 7.0 BPEL and 5.5 EG it will take me at least 6 weeks to see only 0.125 inch gain in both direction.

Ok I know some of you are thinking that I’m spending way too much time calculating this stuff and leaving out too many variables. I probably am, but I am also being conservative with the numbers and I am trying to figure out what to expect in the future with regards to gains and time between measurements. This is just my way of being prepared when I hit that plateau.

Thanks for reading.


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