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Quick question after newbie routine

Quick question after newbie routine

So, I’ve just finished the newbie routine in a hot shower, felt pretty good fulfilling it. It was my third session, had two days on, a break and obviously as stated back on track. Anyway, my member is feeling very slightly achy, like you would after a decent work out but just no where near as much. It’s not discomfort, I’m just wondering if it may be a good sign of progress taking place or whether I may be overdoing it?


''Get back on your feet!'' - Rhyme Asylum

It’s not unusual to have this ache. How is EQ, size, etc? If they are all positive then don’t worry so much.

Are you doing your PE at the same time every day? See how things feel in a little time and then tomorrow. If everything feels fine, then you are probably spot on in terms of amount of PE. If you find any negative indicators then lower the amount.

Keep up the good work. :)

Hey, thanks for your reply and advice:) ,

Yeah everything is fine, not dysfunctional or abnormalities that I can see or hopefully that means I’m doing the routine correctly!

''Get back on your feet!'' - Rhyme Asylum

Being sore is actually a good thing, it means your on track to your goals. I actually get mad if I’m not sore at least twice a week. I do a hardcore routine to make sure I get sore at least twice a week, then lighter routines in between while recovering. But I remember when I first started I was sore after almost every workout. It just means the little guy isn’t conditioned yet.

Don’t be sore! Pain and PE should not mix.

Having said that, there are different levels of soreness. Once conditioned via a suitable time on the newbie routine, gradual increases in intensity or quantity of workload is advisable to avoid that soreness.

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