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Hey everybody have a few ?’s first I am 38 and it seems like I have lost about .5 inches somehow not sure why.

So I will give some current stats BPEL = 7.5 EG = 4.75

I would like to gain back the lost .5 and gain some more length but girth is probably the top priority but both r important given the current size is it possible to gain much or am I at the max. Given that I am longer than average? And on average what should someone expect to see as far as length and girth increases? Thanks

Hi Shawood,

Welcome to the forum.

You mean you’ve lost .5” over your lifetime, right? You should find that really easy to regain, maybe even in the first month or two, fingers crossed and all that.

There is no maximum starting position from which it is hard to gain. You will find, as you continue to PE, that gains lessen over time and that more force is required.

There’s no easy answer to the average question. The standard answer is that we are all individuals but personally I think that answer is a crock of shit. It depends on how well and consistently you work. It’s a matter of commitment. There is a page showing average results but it is a self selected group and will tend to favour those who gain. For the same reason you should be wary of threads trumpeting gains because it takes a lot more balls to start a thread saying you’ve got nothing.

Start with the Newbie Routine and read for the first 2 months of that, then you’ll know what to do girth-wise.

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What memento wrote.

I would say that the vast majority of guys can gain an inch if they are dedicated and have an open ended time table. What percent of guys won’t gain even if they stick with it? I don’t know. What percent of guys can gain more than an inch? I don’t know. How long will it take to gain that inch on average? I don’t know.

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