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Questioning if I've ever Jelqed correctly

Questioning if I've ever Jelqed correctly

I just started jelqing again after a couple weeks off. No noticeable gains besides feeling a slightly stronger erection. I’ve watched the videos and I’ve read about jelqing, but I feel like I may not be doing it correctly. I wet jelq in the shower and after I don’t really hang any longer or plumper, I’ve never had red dots, all I get is redness at the top of my shaft and I feel like that might be because I just rubbed my hand on it for 15 minutes. I don’t know what I could possibly be doing wrong, but if anything knows that it could be anything else besides my stroke please fill me in. Thank you.

Well the point is to stress the CC’s mostly. So are you simply masturbating with vigour?

When you are doing it right it should actually require effort to move up the shaft. The grip should be tight enough that you create a significant pressure above it and loose enough to let some blood flow back. Try carefully doing a ULI#3, i.e. grip so tight that you can only move it a certain amount up the shaft, then gradually release that grip to allow the hand to travel.

Grip and erection level go hand in hand. Any you need to modify the grip strength to suit the erection level. Also you need to maintain a decent erection or you are wasting your time.

Does any of that help?

Yes it does. Also with the 2ND hand.. Should that be moving up while the 1st hand is finishing?

I my opinion it sound like your letting all the blood dissipate too quickly

Try doing 25 with one hand then switch hands

I think it should be in place and ready to go. Even creating a grip of the correct strength will add extra stress if the first hand is still finishing. This can approach a mini Horse440 effect.

>Try doing 25 with one hand then switch hands<

Sounds like a dry jelq technique to me. That’s effectively one handed jelqing, which is fine but different and best done with some serious kegel and hold in between strokes.

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