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Question. Confidence

Question. Confidence

Okay My girlfriend wants to have sex and I want to also. The problem is, I see everyone here has a 6.5+ size dick.. And I’m saying to myself what if I don’t have that big. Will she hate me for it, cannot perform as good. And my confidence is shot. I have a 5.5length and a 3.5 girth. Not that big huh. If it helps any I’m 5’8” and Normal body type. Should I start doing exercises? Or wait to see what she thought how good the sex was? I’m in a bind. Everyone says if she loves you she won’t hate you or break up with you. And others say, it’s the motion of the ocean. And that’s BS! It’s all about the size. Can anyone please help me here?

is she a long term girlfriend??

Ya man, and next year we are gonna be away for some time, and she still wants to be with me. So I know she loves me.

Oh and she is like 5”4’ or 5”5’

There’s a thread somewhere in twat’s news. It goes on about some scientific test or whatever, on how love releases a chemical that fools women into thinking the guy she loves has a bigger dick and better body than he actually does. The main point is, everything is psychological. If she loves you, she WILL love your dick. She sees it from a different perspective than you do.

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ive always had pretty bad confidence regarding penis size and performance level as im sure a lot of people on this forum can attest to. I was a virgin until i was 21 because of this issue (amongst other issues). But i did genuinely find that when i read into different sexual techniques and visualised doing them, and then entering into a trial and error process of implementing them that my confidence levels started to increase. And with this increase of confidence, my abilities between the bed increased also which started a positive cycle. Alongwith learning sexual techniques from books i would sugest listening to your partner. You may do something and she likes it, so remember that and build from that and thus every time you have sex with her you will learn something new about her that turns her on and you will then have a decent inventory to satisfy her better every time. Good luck

Thanks all

I’m sure there are better books for that purpose but the section on Taoist sexual techniques in the book ‘The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity’ by Daniel Reid was a great introduction for me on sexual techniques.

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