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Question about PI's

Question about PI's

I’ve been reading through the PI threads but I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for. Obviously, pain is a negative PI. My question is: is this pain anywhere in the penis or is it glans we’re talking about?

I’m looking for length right now, and I’m having trouble gaining, although I’m going to keep steady in my routine because I know it can take months for any type of gains to start coming.

My glans are generally always sore, not awful, but sore from the stretching done every day. I’m able to grip the glans and stretch every day (there is soreness when I grab the glans but not so bad that I can’t stretch).

Is this a negative PI? It’s not keeping me from stretching but is it an indication that I’m over training, or are some guys more prone to soreness there?

My flaccid is the same, no real turtleing, no firmness or hardness. My erection level is normal if I’m fully aroused.

So I’m not really exibiting negative PI’s or positive PI’s but I’m also not gaining. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

How many weeks ago you started working?

The thing is, I’ve been doing PE for years, just not consistently I think. I now have total privacy for at least the next 8 months, so I want to get some significant progress accomplished. I was doing hanging and manual from September to mid October, now I’m doing manual stretching and jelqing under infrared heat. I’ve been doing this for about a month, (infrared for about a week-two weeks).

With PE, I always have the constant fear that I’m not doing enough. I know sometimes less is more, but if it was proven to work, I would manually stretch for hours a day, jelq, and hang as well. But if overdoing it is just going to set me back, what’s the point?

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