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Question About Overcoming Peyronies

Question About Overcoming Peyronies

I am concerned with some trauma to my penis that resulted in classic Peyronie’s symptoms - in my case, noticeable constriction at the trauma site. No significant bending has yet occurred, though I am concerned about the long-term effects. The injury occurred approximately 6 months ago.

Overall size is not the issue for me (or my wife), though it certainly might be a good consequence of any program such as this. But I’m not at all sure that Jelquing is the best thing for a penis that is still trying to recover (if it’s not already as recovered as it will be) from a “break”.

Here’s more on the injury itself. When it occurred, there was a noticeable cracking sound (similar to one “cracking” their knuckles), some pain (felt like some stinging), but no visible damage at the time (bleeding, swelling, etc.). Erections and intercourse for several months afterwards caused an aching sensation when any significant pressure was applied off-axis to the penis. Most, if not all, of this has now subsided. But I am now left with a narrower constriction at the site of the injury (which, by the way, was difficult to locate specifically until this manifestation) and I am concerned (OK, downright worried) about the long-term effects. And my penis is more prone to bending at this site, even with a full erection.

What are some exercises, or other programs, you might recommend for someone in my situation?


First I would have to ask you if you have seen A Doc first? Any injury like that you should go straight to the Doc for an exam! I have a light bend to the left, most people have a bend one way or the other. I think mine was caused by wearing tight under ware as I was growing up and I always had my penis to the left. As a young boy you know all about spontaneous erections and I think by having my penis in that position all the time weakened the left CC and did not allow it to grow or allowed the right side to be stretched. I have been doing PE now for little more than 3 months now and I just started to hang two weeks ago. I have noticed an improvement to the bend, although it is still there. The base of my penis is now the same size on both sides and I am hope full that I will be able to straighten it fully.

Now this is my situation and as for yours I would go to the Doc first, Then after that slowly start a PE program to start a growth process. You will learn, as you jelq, how to hit the spot that is affected. I will not say you can fix it but you may be able to lessen the effect of it. It will take time and dedication not only on your part but you spouses also!

First thing you should do after a check up with the Doc is read all the info that this board has. And then after that you will be well on your way to helping your situation. Just do a search for “Beginner” and I’m sure you will find many post about the topic.


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