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Question about jelqing

Question about jelqing

When you jelq are you supposed to squeeze your penis hard, moderate, or are yo not supposed to squueze it hard at all? Also I’ve been doing PE for like 4 days now, I’ve been only doing like 10 minutes of jelqing and stretching, and I seem not to get the morning wood anymore, and overall I have less erections during the day. Is this a problem? Is PE right for me or should I stop? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi retard,

Nice name by the way. Anyway, as I understand it you should be squeezing your dick and be essentially moving blood from the base of your shaft towards the head. So yes, you want some pressure, but not so much that you are causing yourself pain. I would say a moderate squeeze would be good. You want to trap the blood and push it down the shaft to the head. If you aren’t squeezing tight enough you won’t be trapping much blood and therefore not doing yourself much good. I hope that helps some. Keep reading these forums, they will help you tremendously.

I don’t think you should stop, but that’s up to you. It sounds like your penis is just trying to adjust to the new stress being put upon it. Just take things slow so you don’t hurt yourself. Good luck, and welcome to the forums.

Dear retard.

Your grip is to hard. That is why your erection quality is suffering. Take about a week off and return to the Newbie Routine but with a softer grip.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

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