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Question about jelqing

Question about jelqing

When jelqing with a particular erection quality I notice that when I get a base grip and jelq a little bit up the shaft I encounter what feels like a lump. It’s not skin, it’s blood and for some reason it won’t move forward. I try to force my hand up to complete the jelq and when I do I notice that the whole lump of blood slides past my hand as if trying to avoid building too much pressure. I use a strong grip and but still can’t force that lump upwards. I also notice when this happens I can’t build up a good amount of pressure. This only happens when I’m around 60-70% or so erection and when I get a higher erection I don’t really have that issue. To get a better picture, imagine what happens when you squeeze close to one end of a tube shaped ballon. Is this something I should be concerned about? Should I just jelq at a higher level from now on?

Is it blueish in color?

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Not that I’ve noticed. I’m black but I haven’t seen any change in color

Is it darker color than your normal skin tone and is it sore?

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Is it only on one side? If so, does your dick tend to point to the other side?

I ask because this sounds suspiciously like something I started feeling around a month ago. The part about being able to get a base grip but it gets in the way as you jelq up sounds just like mine. I mentioned the problem here. I think it may be the fundiform ligament, but I’m still not sure. What do you think?

Then: 6.75" x 5" ----> Now: 8.5" x 5.75"


It doesn’t really feel sore and it’s not darker than my normal skin tone.

It actually feels like it’s around the whole circumference of the penis and despite the amount of pressure I apply the only place it will go is below my hand. As I force upward I feel this mass of pressure shift downward. When I look at and feel my shaft I realize that no blood is being moved forward or creating pressure until I past that bulge. Again it’s only during certain erection levels and it prevents me from building up a decent amount of pressure. After finishing a jelq my glans is not fully pumped and I don’t really feel that the shaft is pumped higher than a normal erection.

Hi Onizzy,

I have the same thing too. I feel a lump around 1” above my base. My grip gets stuck when I hit that area, and have to release a little.

No, there’s no colour change, nor is there any pain. It’s just like a hard flesh there that’s blocking me from performing my strokes properly..

Can anyone advise if this is normal?

Don’t worry, guys, I have the same problem! My hand runs into a bulge and when I slide it past, the blood(?) moves down. I’m trying to correct this by jelqing more slowly and as smoothly as possible. Anyone know the answer?

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