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Question about erection length gains

Question about erection length gains

I’ve been doing PE for about 2 weeks now. I don’t wanna sound ungratefull but I have only had gains when I have a softy. My erection size has not gotten any longer at all.

My routine basically consists of stretching my penis by grabbing the head and holding a stretching for a 30 second hold in every possible direction (all the way around the clock so to speak). I then do the milking trick and squeezing at the base of the shaft while doing kegals. Sorry I don’t know all the terms you guys are using.

Is this normal to experience gains with a softy before your erection size begins to grow?

Also I was wondering how do you guys measure girth?

Some gain very quick some gain very slowly or slow.

I gained in flacid size first also.

we measure girth with a measuringtape around the penis when erect, sometimes flaccid to!

Don’t measure for at least 6 or 8 more weeks. Really expecting measureable results this early is setting yourself up to be dissappointed.

Look at it this way if you gain only 1/16” every 4 weeks that is more than 3/4” in a year, 1 1/2” in two years and so on. Patience and persistance is the key to pe success.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I believe that most guys who do PE have the same expriance. The flacid gains always seem to come faster and easier than the erect gains.


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Cheif, my routine is very similar to yours and I am experiencing the same thing. Currently, I have dedicated 1.5 months to PE and I really notice a difference in my flaccid hang. When erect, my penis looks bigger but when I pull out the measuring tape…no gains in erect length at all (I am not suppose to measure until March, but I have been cheating….hahaha). I am satisfied though. From reading on this site many individuals experience flaccid gains before erect gains. So, I am just going to keep at it. I have noticed that jelqing/milking and edging do seem to help increase both the length and girth of my erect penis. Keep at it man and I am sure erect gains will come.

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You may also check BPFSL, if it grows, you know you are doing thing right and EL will come later.

I have also gained flaccid length first. I mean it looked much, much bigger after a good stretching :D

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