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Public Bathroom Use Problems


Public Bathroom Use Problems

Well, I don’t know what but for some reason I get all tensed up when I try to use a public urinal, especially with large crowds (ie. The bars). I don’t know why really, I’ve read on some sites online that it’s a mental problem, and that even a muscle tightens up not allowing you to go. I’m reaching out to the PE crowd b/c you guys have helped me a lot already :) . I know others have this problem, it’s pretty much stage freight. At points I can even feel my “boy” get smaller b/c I’m nervous when I step up to a stall side by side with a bunch of guys around. I honestly don’t even like people hearing me piss in a toilet. Any reason for this? Or any tips to getting around this, it really kills any kind of a social/bar life. :(

Does anybody remember sniglets? They were featured by comedian Rich Hall on the show “Not Necessarily the News” in the USA years ago. Sniglets are words that don’t appear in the dictionary but should. I sent the following sniglet in but they did not air it… I wonder why?

Publifeceinterruptus: the fear of somebody walking into the public bathroom stall while you are taking a dump.

The funniest thing I ever read was written on the wall of a portable toilet at a Huey Lewis concert:
Ain\’t no use standing on the seat
the crabs in here can jump 10 feet!

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

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It’s called paruresis. Maybe info on that site will help.

Check out Many cities have regular meetings for people with paruresis.

Thanks for the links guys and fast replies. I have actually read a lot of them. At this point I feel like it’s maybe mind over matter? I have no problem pooping in public at all :) . I think it’s just when I go to the bar, and I’m literally shoved in and watched from a crowd of people outside waiting to pee, with 2 other guys rubbing up against my sholders peeing.

*Edit* Also a side note, PE has seemed to help me somewhat in ways that are obvious. I have actually worked on my problem. I will actually drink lots of water while in classes so that I have to go :) . It will help occasionally. I’m surprised no one on here has had the same type of problem.

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Personal space invasions in the lavatory: suggestive evidence for arousal

“The hypothesis that personal space invasions produce arousal was investigated in a field experiment. A men’s lavatory provided a setting where norms for privacy were salient, where personal space invasions could occur in the case of men urinating, where the opportunity for compensatory responses to invasion were minimal, and where proximity-induced arousal could be measured. Research on micturation indicates that social stressors inhibit relaxation of the external urethral sphincter, which would delay the onset of micturation, and that they increase intravesical pressure, which would shorten the duration of micturation once begun. Sixty lavatory users were randomly assigned to one of three levels of interpersonal distance and their micturation times were recorded. In a three-urinal lavatory, a confederate stood immediately adjacent to a subject, one urinal removed, or was absent. Paralleling the results of a correlational pilot study, close interpersonal distances increased the delay of onset and decreased the persistence of micturation. These findings provide objective evidence that personal space invasions produce physiological changes associated with arousal.”

I suffer from this. It was a lot worse when I was younger. I’ve found that it depends on my mood. If I’m relaxed and the bathroom is large, I have no problem, however, if the bathroom is small and crowded I have to go outside and pee in the bushes.

I NEVER take a dump in a public bathroom.


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That’s what I normally do. My one favorite bar is literally just 2 urinals, no door behind ya either. So you have a massive amount of people waiting looking at your back about 1 foot away :/.

Thats quite normal I think. I use a cubicle if I can just because I dont like turning my back to an open door for starters, its a public place etc.

I’ve always used the stalls - don’t think I’ve ever actually used a urinal.

I have recently learned to take a dump in public due to necessity. I have held it in for literally days, in the past because I knew I had no opportunity to poop without the potential of being seen or heard (Camping).

I usually have to sit there for up to 10 minutes before anything happens - and that’s when nobody is around. If anybody enters - forget it and sit still till they’re well gone, then it takes another 5 minutes to get in the swing of things again.

Originally Posted by secjay
I usually have to sit there for up to 10 minutes before anything happens -

Don’t you mean squat?!?!

#@$ &#@$ lying Aussie!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

That must be a really big problem for athletes who has to give a supervised urinal sample.


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I’m reading this and I am really grateful that I don’t have this problem. I could “perform” onstage during a Rolling Stones concert in front of thousands of fans if needed.

My friend in the USMC has been conditioned to piss on command. Doesn’t matter what the time of day or if he’s had anything to drink lately… weird. (:

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.


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