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Puberty and Jelqing

Puberty and Jelqing

Hi, I’m recently celebrated my 18th birthday, and I have a feeling I have not completely finished puberty. I cannot completely grow a beard, and I have only a few, barely visible chest hairs. My father is a very hairy man, and I am aware that he has a considerably large penis, as about 2 years ago I noticed it in a community shower. I am 5.75 BPEL and 4.75 EG, and I am nowhere near his size, (primarily in girth).

I was wondering, if I still had a year or so more to go when it came to puberty and penis development, would it be detrimental or beneficial to jelq during this period?

(Also, I have just started jelqing a week ago.)

Men usually stop growing around 20 or 21. HOPE that helps

I’m also 18 and I was wondering, whether or not I would get my penis over my desired size of 8” BPEL 6” EG through PE and natural growth?

Starting size---->BPEL 7" MEG 5.25"

Goal---->BPEL 8" MEG 6"

A member called “drilla” mentioned doing home-brewed PE exercises while still a teenager, and he’s pretty big now - you could ask him: there’s also a poll about which age to start PE, I think the consensus was definitely “before 18”.

I wish I’d started when I was 14 or so, personally. But I’m not a qualified medical advisor.

Most (and worst) of injuries caused by PE we see here happen to young members. Something to reflect on, I think.

I’m currently doing the newbie routine, however I’ve made it slightly easier on my member. I added fowfers to the newbie routine so I can add some flaccid size and to condition my member for anything I put it through. The reason I did this is so I don’t injure myself and have to have a break from PE.

Starting size---->BPEL 7" MEG 5.25"

Goal---->BPEL 8" MEG 6"

Thank you for the replies so far. They are all very encouraging at this point and I feel less paranoid now about stunting my growth in any way.

Hexen I doubt you will stunt your growth but what you will do is decrease the chance of ED (erectile dysfunction)

Starting size---->BPEL 7" MEG 5.25"

Goal---->BPEL 8" MEG 6"

Hexen: I believe starting young with modest manual PE will give you a head start, but I’d stay away from devices.

Also, unfortunately, from what I’ve read, the gene that determines penis size comes from the mother’s genetic contributions, not the dad’s.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

I know this thread is a little bit old, however it was the best one I found to express my concerns (also, it’s the very best one to post my post):
I’m 19 years old and I’m not really sure if I’m done with puberty yet, however 6 months ago I tried PE for the first time of my life. I did it for like a month, but then I started to have some troubles getting erections, I started to feel, also, some testicular pain, after consulting my uncle (an urologist) he told me that such pains were normal during puberty, and that it might have been the case that I am not done with it yet. So, I decided to stop my routine (a very light version of the newbie routine) and the next week the troubles with erections were gone.
My question is: could it have been that such troubles were due to PE while not having yet hitting puberty? And if not, does anyone have any idea what could have caused such troubles?

I’d really love to PE, but I’m concerned that I’d not be adequate for me. Any advice or opinion could help, thanks.

[PS: I’m Mexican, therefore my english may not be so good, please, excuse any syntax or ortography mistakes I may have :D ]

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