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Hi all. Been jelqing for 2 weeks now. When can I expect to see some gains

Hi all. Been jelqing for 2 weeks now. When can I expect to see some gains

Wow! This place is such a community; I really like it. (Glad to be a part of it too.)

I’ve known of this forum for about 1 year, but only started to jelq seriously 2 weeks ago. I am still on the ‘newbie routine’ and moved from 10 - 20 minutes jelqing over the weeks I have been doing this. I am thankful I was able to register though, because hopefully now I can see the uploaded videos to see if I’m jelqing correctly. I am currently 6” BPEL or so it seems (not sure if I am measuring properly) and 5” EG. I would love to reach around 7 or 8” length and 5.5-6” girth. Is that realistic?

Once again, I’m very glad to be here :)

Seeing as I’m a ‘noob’, I hope you don’t mind answering a few questions for me:

1. I am pretty sure I am still experiencing puberty, will this affect my gains in any way?

2. Is a sock filled with a single heavy stone while wrapped just above the glans of the penis with elastic bands an okay way to hang?

3. I am feeling quite sore quite a lot, especially what feels to be my ligaments, am I doing something wrong?

4.When I stretch my penis for 10 minutes after warming up, how erect should I be? Also, I see these kind of black outlines in a ‘v’ shape either side of the base of my penis, am I right in assuming these are my ligaments?

5. How do I create that little section of text which most have underneath each of their posts?

6. Any other recommended stretches to pull my penis out from my body more?

7. Any other recommendations for me at all? :)

Your goals are realistic, just be consistent and you will get there.

1. If anything, puberty will help speed up possible gains.

2. Probably not the safest way to hang. Leaving hanging out until you either 1)exhaust all gains by manual PE or 2) get more PEing experience.

3. Check out this.

4. When stretching, the more flaccid you are the better, usually.

5. Look at your User CP, its under edit signature.

6 & 7. Just follow the newbie routine and you will be fine.

Good luck.

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Thanks :)

How long do you reckon I should wait before making a conclusion on my PI’s?
I will probably take a picture tomorrow and post it for you all to see.

I have a lot of trouble staying flaccid during stretching. I’m usually in a 60-75% erect state. Any tips to keep soft? With that, jelqing is easier for me to stay erect without porn or glans stimulation, or even kegels.

Actually, I have another question for you if you don’t mind. I can hold my first 10 (out of 50) for about 5 seconds each, but after that they are much harder to hold onto. I do not use my stomach very much at all. How am I doing with this? Is this common? Or am I doing something incorrectly

PIs are observations so I don’t believe there should be a specific time to make a conclusions. Check your unit for the various indicators and see under which category they fall under; positive, neutral, negative.

Stop stretching and let the erection subside then pick up where you left off.

If you are new to training your BC muscle, I would expect that. Strive to get one or 2 more every couple of days. You’ll get to 50 soon enough.

Hope it helps

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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