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Proper place to take measurements

Proper place to take measurements

Ok I’ve searched the terms and all that but I’m still a little confused as to where I should be taking my measurements. Is it pressed into the pelvic bone right above the shaft? Or do I go down the side and press into the bone there? Right now I’m going straight down the side, a little more towards the top so I’m not cheating myself and that’s how I’m taking my measurements.

I think the side of the ruler should be at the center, and you should press onto the bone with as much force as comfortably can. If you already started measuring in another way, measure in the same way. It really doesn’t make much of a difference, as long measurements are token exactly in the same way.

As marinera said. Also, try experimenting with the angles of your hips, and other variables, to see what yields the longest measurement. I always recommend optimizing all parameters (standing rather than sitting, thrusting hips forward a bit, angling the penis down to parallel with floor, etc.) to achieve the longest measurement possible, so that you can’t possibly fool yourself into imagining “gains” in the future that may be due to “improved” measurement technique :-) Small differences in these types of things can make a 0.5” or more difference in your length measurement. Anyway, this is just for PE (growth)-tracking purposes. For figuring out how long you are relatively to “average penis size” statistics, I’d suggest a more conservative measurement technique where you don’t try to squeeze out every last tenth of an inch :)

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I see I see. Yeah see I’m not trying to squeeze every last bit out. This may sound silly but I’m really only interested in measuring “usable dick area” lmfao. Only measuring what’s actually going into a vagina because that’s what really matters.

That measurement can be effected by erection quality, weight and other variables. That is why in addition to that measurement a BP measurement will let you know if you are really headed in the right direction

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I believe the official standard is to lay the ruler on top of your penis, bone press it and take your measurement. If you hold the ruler to the side, you will get a longer result, but that is not accepted as official. Just like trying to hold the ruler on the bottom side will give you a reading 2 or 3 inches longer then all the rest which is really cheating.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

How about if you’ve got a bit of an upward curve? Anyone straighten it for their measurements? Gives me about a quarter inch increase if I do. Would this be considered useable length?

If you can straighten completely your curve, then it’s ok, measure this way.

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