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Progress Log: doing it seriously this time

Progress Log: doing it seriously this time

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself, share my story, and maybe get some feedback from the vets. I’ve had this account for ages—2004!—and I’ve been following Thunders and other PE forums for even longer. I’ve wanted to get just a bit more girth for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never had the dedication to stick to one routine for long enough to actually see results. I’ve tried hanging, pumping, ADS, clamping (with CableClamps and Monty’s air clamp), but every time I started I’d somehow lose motivation after about 3 weeks and I’d be back to square one. But now I’ve decided to change that! I’m going to forget about all the PE gear for the time being and just focus on the basics: manual stretching, jelqing, and a bit of hot water pumping (because I find it’s a really relaxing way to end a routine, and if it helps, all the better).

I’ve also decided to masturbate way less. I’ve been at 2x per day lately, and I’ve realized that that just doesn’t work for me. My EQ was way down and didn’t have much interest in sex, and I noticed that my energy levels were kind of low too. Being 25, this just didn’t seem right. Anyway, up until yesterday I’d gone 3 days without release (big step for me!), but I had a moment of weakness yesterday. As of today I’m trying for 4 days. Baby steps. My goal isn’t to stop ejaculating all together; I just want to bring it down to more manageable levels, and if I’m getting laid a few times a week, then just save it for sex. What “manageable” ends up meaning is something I think I have to discover through trial and error.

My current stats (on a good day) are 8 3/8 BPEL and 5 5/8 EG. I’m happy with the length, but like I said I’d really like a bit more girth—especially since my EQ tends to be a bit low and then it’s more like 5 1/4 EG, which just seems long and skinny with my length. My goal is 6” or 6.25” EG, and I wouldn’t complain about 6.5”, but at this point I really wouldn’t want any more. I’m also hoping for some better EQ. Even though I know I’m a decent size right now, I’m never 100% hard when I’m with a girl so it’s almost always a good bit smaller than what I’ve listed above.

My routine:
Warm up (hot cloth)
90 sec stretch in all 5 directions (up, down, left, right, straight out)
200 dry jelqs, with 10 more added each day
Hot water pumping (for however long feels good)
3 days on / 1 day off

I’m doing dry jelqs because I’m uncut and jelqing with the foreskin seems a lot more intuitive than having to lube up each time and jelqing *over* the foreskin. I’ve tried both and dry jelqing definitely feels better. As for the pumping, I don’t have a particular routine of sets, etc. My dick is very well conditioned to pumping, and I can go for over an hour at a time at 5” Hg with no discolouration, pain/numbness, and fairly limited fluid buildup (though I do sometimes go for a bit of fluid buildup intentionally pre-sex since it adds just that tad bit of extra girth that really seems to make a difference with the ladies).

The other reason I’m starting this thread is that I want someone to be accountable to! So I’m giving my word to everyone here that I’ll post a one month update and at that point I’ll still be going strong on my routine. Wish me luck!

I have been out of the loop for 6 years now and am just getting back to PE also. Good luck to you.

I was out of the loop for close to two years and thought that was a long time. Wow, Good luck man.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone! And RackHunter, it’s good to see another Canadian member around here. I checked out your stats. Those are some impressive gains in your first 6 months!


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