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Problem with the frenulum

Problem with the frenulum


I wanted to ask you guys, if anyone has had any problems with the frenulum.

After I stretch/jelq, my frenulum tears a bit and it looks like someone has just cut it. It is painful to hang after jelqing.

However, it usually heals overnight.

Is this normal to expect your frenulum to be cut or torn a little bit ?

Thank you

I’ve rambled through the old posts and realized that it could be the dry-jelqs to blame.

Any suggestions?

I think the way you stretch is the culprit. Where are you gripping your penis?

Hi marinera,

I grip my tool right below the glans.

Try to grip lower so you aren’t putting all the stress on the frenelum. Try gripping lower than the frenelum and see if that helps.

It could seem a dumb question but: do you play guitar?

Sorry, no experience with guitar

It’s me to have to be sorry : it was a kidding hint. I was suggesting that maybe you should cut your nails before starting a manual stretching session :) .

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