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Problem with PE

Problem with PE

Hi I am a member since long but not a serious PEperson. Recently I was diagnosed wih diabetes and have started with very acute dysfunction. Well I stated with some herbal remedies for that and stated noticing some positive effects. Some of my erections started coming back. Then I started PE one day and was ok. Next day during my PE session my penis got hard and I did some PE on erect penis. Since then I have lost all the erection and penis fails to get erect. This has been four days now. There is no other sign on the penis. What have I done wrong and what should I do? I only did hundred jelqs. I am worried help.

It is just overwork, summed up with diabetes takes longer to recover. Do warm up everyday and gently massage your penis. Don’t try at any costs to have an erection, just don’t think about it for a few days. If you have a vacuum pump under hand, pumping at very light pressure (1-3 hg) for 5-10 minutes before going to bed can speed up the recover.


Definitely avoid doing any jelqing with an erection. Good luck.

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Thanks to both of you for being such a support. I was dead frightened. Do I give up PE altogether and if not what should be my f


I’d wait until you can get erections again then start with newbie routine. Don’t P.E while erect.

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