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New problem for me with pe?

New problem for me with pe?

I’ve been into pe for a couple of months now. My cock is starting to look pretty good. It has a nice hang to it when flaccid. Of course jelqing always leaves you with a nice little chubby.

Anyway I have been drinking a lot of water and doing all the right things. The other day I went to the gym and was sitting in the crowded saunna. This was all male all nude all striaght. I was feeling really good and healthy. A guy was glancing over at my dick and giving me a look of distian. I casually looked down and here was a big glob of precum hanging from my dick. How embarassing.

Ever since I been doing PE and drinking lots of water I have been a jizz machine with uncontrolable amounts of precum. Oh well its better than having a dried up prune. :D

That’s quite the preDICKament monument. You should have asked “What? You want some of this?!” Can’t wait till I’m a jizz factory. Oh sorry, did I type that out loud?


Originally Posted by monument
A guy was glancing over at my dick and giving me a look of distian. I casually looked down and here was a big glob of precum hanging from my dick. How embarassing.

What’s embarassing is the guy looking over and then looking at your dick for more than a second or so. You have nothing to worry about. Guys in gyms are getting weirder and weirder. 2 months back at Bally’s, some guy was watching me soap my balls up and the way my nuts bounced. People need a life and a hobby. Keep doing what you are doing, just check down there once every while to make sure everything is “dry”. :leftie:

Formerly known as Sex&Guns. R.I.P.

I WISH I produced precum, I dont produce any even with taking a shit ton of supplements. I too have noticed guys at the gym going beyond the cursory glance which makes me a little squemish. I dont know maybe I shouldnt be jelking in the lockerroom with my astroglide, wtf.

I guess if you do produce a lot of precum you just have to be more cognizant of it. Our gym has a coed steamroom so it kind of sucks you have to go in there with shorts and a towel on cuz of da broads.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I have been a member of Ballys since the early 80’s I think it was Holiday Spa when I first joined. I remember being in the steam room by myself once and getting a hard on I was like 19 at the time and I remember thinking that I wish their was no chance of anybody coming in because I wanted to pound one out in the worse way. The steam room or the sauna always seems to get the blood flowing.


It’s always been that way at Bally’s I remember when I used to bounce in clubs and I was in incredible shape and when I walked through the locker room I would feel guys checking me out. They had a pretty big gay group of guys that hung more in the locker room than in the gym but I didn’t care it was cool it wasn’t as good as attention from chicks but I was never homophobic so I would make sure to drop the towel and show my tan lines when I walked by, they would look but never bothered me for a date or anything.

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I have lots of precum too, and my girlfriend loves it!

My ex wife never did, wtf?

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