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I’ve been doing some PE exercises for a few years now, nothing consistent though. I’ve had some growth, but not as much as I would like - mainly due to the inconsistency in exercises. After finding this forum, I’ve been reading a good bit and think I am squeezing too tightly. In the last couple of months I’ve been doing exercises on and off but mainly because of getting red spots. I would wait until they go away to continue, but they would come back pretty quickly, even without much pressure. I figured I was squeezing too hard and caused capillaries to rupture, so I stopped completely for about two months now, to allow ample time for everything to heal. Anyway, now that I’m starting back up I’m just wondering how do I know when I’m using too much pressure? I’m guessing that I should start out with a little bit less and gradually work my way up. Any advice on this?

Too much pressure with what exercises, jelqing or stretching?

With jelqing.

You should feel a little pressure build up as you move your grip forward. You don’t want go crazy with this, just the minimum so you feel a little pressure moving forward. Many describe the grip you should use as squeezing honey off a stick.

Ok, thank you! That is helpful.


I think, in the beginning I built up too much pressure too at my jelqs. As knowledge grows with TP browsing over time, I reduced it to the honey-drop-off power.

My dick feels less tired after jelqing and I never had any sort of discomfort or discoloration since then.

Can’t prove it but I am convinced that on the long run it is wise to treat my dick gently. As PE is a marathon and not a sprint I want to be able to jelq for years!

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