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Precautions Getting Started

Precautions Getting Started


Just explored your website, lots of good stuff to read, I came to know of this site from a thread posted on another site.

The basic apprehension I have is, I have over educated myself on this topic and have read at many sites that Jelqing and other such PE techniques can be really harmful at times, it damages some tissues and vessels in the penis which can lead to impotency and so on.

I tried searching the topic on your website but couldn’t find anything on it besides saying that one should take precautions, I would really appreciate if you could lemme know of the precautions I should take before getting started.


Just don’t go overboard when you do the exercises. You want to give your cock a workout, but you don’t have to brutalize it in order to get results. It is not uncommon to get some red spots when you first start out, and this is generally because your cock is not used to the new treatment it is getting. As long as you are not applying very hard pressure, red spots are not cause for alarm and generally disappear as your workouts continue over the course of a couple of days.

You are in control of how much force you apply, so start out at moderate levels and you will begin to learn your own limitations. You can’t rush PE. Patience and moderation is the key.

Good advice from gprent, as usual. I’ll just add that you should listen to your body. If you find yourself having erectile “slowness”, back off a little the next time you do your routine or take an extra day off.

Thanks Mates.. It Was Great Advice.. Cheers

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