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I just started hanging

I just started hanging

I recently started to hang after about a year of PE’in (manual strecthing, jelq, and power jelqs)but took some time off about 4 months do to limited privacy. I started out at 5 lbs but didn’t feel anything worth while since my unit is in shape and is ready for a great workout. So i decided to use 10 lbs and sure enough after my first hang with 10 lbs it felt great!. Fatigued and like it was put through a great workout. I have a homemade hanger which i found the items around my house. What i use are called stretching bands that people use to strecth their arms and other muscles with. Its hard to explain but I’ll try. Basically take 1 long piece of a strecth band thats about 3 ft. long and form a U shape out of it. Then, i crossed the bottom of the U over forming a whole and tieing a knot so the whole would stay big enough to fit my unit through. With the 2 pieces of rubber hanging i then slip those thought the weight and secure it so the weight doesn’t fall out. I then put my unit through the whole where i tied the knot and with a piece of nylon string about 1” long i use that to tigthen the area where i unit is through so it won’t slip off. It works great and i haven’t had any problems as of yet. I usually hang about 10-15 mins a day 6 days a week and do some jelq after words to get the blood flowing. Just curious of any suggestions I should do or what you guys think. Thanks a lot.


>Just curious of any suggestions I should do or what you guys think<

Have the number of your doctor or local hospital handy.




What you describe is a noose type hanger. It will put most of the pressure on the dorsal nerve, which will eventually begin to cause numbness. If you continue, it will most likely lead to impotence.

The noose type hanger was tried for quite a while, years ago. That is until the dangers were recognized by a large number of guys using it.


i already started to notice limpness. As of today I’m stopping hanging for a while.

thankyou for your help. I was wondering why i couldn’t get hard and now i know. My girl came over and she thought it was her fault. I thought maybe it was just tired out. I hope to god it heals soon.

Bib saves the day!


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Yeah, I agree with Bib. I used a noose type hanger described in Tom Hubbard’s site. It injured me and I was out of commission for about five months. Stay away from them!

Save your money and get a bib hanger.

Take care and hang smart.

Later . . LS

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