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Possible Necrosis

Possible Necrosis

Hey guys, sorry i could not find alot of info on this topic…. i have completed the newbie routine am happy with my results and have been extending the past 2 weeks… i have misunderstood some things and made afew mistakes… so bottom line is that i cut off blood circulation to my glans for a too long of peroid of time. I still have some feeling in my glans but alot less sensation then before. Its been about 3 days now. Can the sensation come back? Its not nerve damage its definitely from lack of blood

Do you know what necrosis looks like? I’m pretty sure that’s not necrosis. I’m sure some of the cells are damaged or whatever, but it doesn’t mean they are dead. And even if they were, they would just be replaced eventually. If it were necrosis, then you wouldn’t be able to feel anything, and your glans would turn black and green and start to rot. Just take a week or two off, and it should be back to normal. Also, you should do some erection exercises to increase the blood flow and speed up the recovery.

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Draculas son thanks so much really put my mind at ease….. and your absolutley right, i was thinking think id see some severe discloration if it was necrosis

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