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cell necrosis : how long ?

cell necrosis : how long ?

I am currently using a modified noose type hanger, and I know I have to check every couple of minutes or so, cause of coldness and loss of circulation, and I’ve been staying within a “safe zone” of eight minutes.

Does anybody know how many minutes it takes before cell necrosis ?


Any type of PE technique that involves the regular use of words like “noose” and “necrosis” should be replaced. There’s so much else out there that’s less dangerous.



I think you should be worrying more about the serious nerve damage that noose-type hangers can cause. I suggest you make an AFB or Bib type hanger and perfect how to use it. It will save your penis some SERIOUS damage.

I’m not trying to tell you how to think, just be careful.

Fish, check your PM inbox

Thanks, Jones

Well, nevermind you have it blocked. The simple answer is 17 minutes. The more complicated answer is that you are “playing with fire”. I am biased on the subject here is why.


Regarding ‘necrosis’ of death of tissue, I think I have experienced this, not too sure though. I hung with the starter for about five months and noticed no gains, particularly in the last couple of months I hung a little more than usual and and had the hanger closer to the glands than usual, my head was getting much darker and colder. I stopped shortly after this and have not hung for a few months. I have noticed that my dick is perhaps smaller than when I first started (girth only), perhaps I was so used to it being pumped up from hanging and jelquing that this has caused my perception of my dick to change.


Thanks to each of you for your thoughts. I know working with a noose is dodgy, even a cleverly modified one. Can you believe my first attempts were with duct tape ? Yikes!!

I use a bunjee cord, which allows me to adjust the tension according to the sensation, and I don’t ever keep it on past about 8-9 minutes. I am “playing it safe”. I would not do an overnight hang, or any duration where my head gets cold for more than a few minutes. You think I can still get nerve damage ?

I am considering a BIB or homemade bib hanger. What is an AFB ?


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