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Positive or negative indicators

Positive or negative indicators

Over the past couple of months’s I’ve come to a bit of a plateau in gaining so recently I’ve decided to up the force in my manual stretches.

Although I have made small gains (I’ve only been doing it two weeks, so thats good!) I’ve had other indicators very recently.

I have generally about 1 rest day a week.

I’ve had what appears to be a very small stretch mark at the base of my member. I’m assuming that this is a positive indicator? As I know that in the past I’ve had them from muscle gain and have got rid of them fairly easily with moisturiser.

Also yesterday, after my evening masturbation session I suffered from a really sharp pain at the base of my cock, almost exactly where I feel the stretch in my ligs during manual stretching. I rubbed ibuleve on it (ibuprofen jelly) and it eased off nicely before going to sleep. But I now have a deep itch in my ligs and a light ache. I’m aware that the itching can be a good sign, that the ligs are healing.. But any ideas on the pain? Just take a bit of a rest maybe?

I’ve had all the standard PIs otherwise, very good EQ, strong morning and evening wood etc and my dick is looking better than it ever has done before.

Ideas would be appreciated.

Starting: Nov 7th,2009 - 5.5 [NBPEL] x 5.4 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

Current: 6.7 [NBPEL] x 5.7 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

Goal: - 7.5 [NBPEL] x 6.0 [MSEG]

Never read about stretch marks. So, that’s not good - maybe. Sharp pain is not good. Back off a bit. You have to ease into increases or you’ll mess yourself up. If you overdo it, you run the risk of your body overreacting and that hinders gains or worse, from what I understand. Take a more incremental approach. A big broke dick doesn’t do you any good. You’ve made great gains. Take a few days off and then slowly increase the tension over time.

Also, you’ve made it past the newbie stage. You may want to take a second day off every week to counter the extra stress you are putting on your unit. Part of the PI thing is knowing when to allow for recovery - just like muscle training.

Just ideas : )

The stretch mark is not a PI. We’re not here to stretch the skin on our penises, we’re here to elongate the inner penis. A stretch mark indicates you’ve stretched your skin, if you’re circumcised, this may be unavoidable, if not, try to adjust your stretching mechanism so the skin isn’t taught while your do your exercises.

As for the lig itchiness, normally itchiness is a sign of repair, but if you felt a sharp pain then I’d recommend you be careful for a couple days, at least till it’s stopped itching and then maybe a few more days. Sharp pain is never good.

Cheers guys. I thought as much. I will start to incrementally increase from now on!

Much appreciated

Starting: Nov 7th,2009 - 5.5 [NBPEL] x 5.4 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

Current: 6.7 [NBPEL] x 5.7 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

Goal: - 7.5 [NBPEL] x 6.0 [MSEG]

I don’t really understand what you mean, are you gaining or not? Bust out the ruler and find out. If you are gaining then that would be a “positive indicator”.

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