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Please help me-girth problems :

Please help me-girth problems :

Hi guys.. I have problems with my girth. I started with PE few months ago and my routine is standard newbie routine : hot wrap,manual stretch,10 min jelq and I do it 3days on, 1 day off; 2days on 1 day off. I noticed some results in length gain but my girth goes nothing :( I hope you understand me.. Please give me some advices about routine, what are the best girth exercises and how to put them in my routine. I want to have gains in girth , that’s my primary goal.

Any advice is helpful..

P.s. Sorry for my bad English

Just take it slow and don’t try to speed things up to the point of injury… If you have not tried pumping I would suggest that. I had some fairly good gains at the base with a pumping routine. Pumping is a great addition to a manual routine, feels great and is easy because you can watch t.v. read or do about anything while you do it…


Add clamping, horses and ulis to your routine.

Up your jelq time to 20 minutes and do it dry.

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