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Hi their guys, back again. As I explained in my earlier thread, I am getting big fairly well but during my internet researches, their drugs or pills out there that can help get me big faster. For example InVigorex or Longz I don’t know wether these things work but I surely would like to try them. My problem is that in this part of Africa, US$ are hard to come by so I was asking if anyone knows somebody in this part of the world who they can ship it to and I can pay in local currency. It really does feel good to have a big dick you know.

Pills are a waste of money in any currency.

You might as well rub mealie meal on your dick, it’s likely to be as effective.

All pills do is maybe increase the circulation temporarily and make you more horny.

Try Ginko Biloba: it increases blood flow, and is probably cheaper than the so-called “Penis Enlargement Pills”.


So ALL pills are basically ineffective when in comes to growth?


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The best they will do is make erections easier to maintain and improve jelqing that way, but there are cheaper ways to do that and most people have perfectly good quality erections without them.

They don’t make your dick grow.

This sounds like a “Nigeria letter”.

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by hohey
So ALL pills are basically ineffective when in comes to growth?

They provide the illusion that you are getting larger only because some of the usual ingredients make your flaccid longer and thicker - for a little while. This is why so many guys get suckered into buying them.



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Look, you’re right. I guess I must jus keep on doing what I am doing.

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