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Persuit of Mini-Workout

Persuit of Mini-Workout

Howdy all,

Just wanted to start a thread where I can hopefully pull on the vast wisdom of our members to come up with a “Mini workout” that can be used for regular, covert sessions.
At the moment I’ve started just doing 2 x 10 second stretches in each direction (down, right, up, left) every time I use the bathroom.

I was hoping members might be able to chime in with what exercises they think might be:
A) able to be performed dry
B) able to be performed without additional devices
C) possibly effective in regular short bursts.

I think if we could come up with a mini workout that can be completed in say.. Less than 5 minutes and can be done in somewhere readily accessible (toilet cubicle) it could really help those people who are lacking the privacy at home to go through a long intense routine and also for those who just want to fit in some PE where ever possible.



Starting BPEL: 5.45, EG: 4.5

Current: BPEL 6.25, EG: 4.75

Goal!: BPEL 8.0, EG 6.0

About the only procedures available to you are dry Jelqs and stretching.

But do remember that in some toilet booths there is a space at the bottom where someone might see a shadow of you doing it!

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Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

And think you are masturbating. :mutley:

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