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Personal Question for All the Guys ...

Personal Question for All the Guys ...

I wasn’t sure where else to post this, but I guess it applies to everyone (especially the newbies since it may be the reason they got into PE).

I have been doing the newbie routine for about 3 weeks now (no gains of course), but I was just curious if I am doing this for the right reasons. Does anyone here thing a woman is justified to leave you based on your dick size? I mean, if she adores everything about aside from your penis size is she really jusitified? I am not saying the man can or cant please her (that is something I have yet to determine). I’d just like to hear your opinions on the opposite sex concerning penis size because I haven’t wanted to start PE’ing until my ex pulled the “too small” trick out of the bag.

ps - im going to keep pe’ing on a regular basis just to see if i can get my girth to average since I am 6.1 in length and 4.3 in girth … im not really hear to get above average just to meet it.

Make your dick bigger, and move on man. Keep your head on straight, and don’t forget who’s #1 - and that’s you. If she wants something else, let her go get it. Focus… FOCUS! Big hot dog doesn’t happen overnight. I just got finished my first month and I notice small gains, but nothing extraordinary. But, quit? HELL NO. And when it IS bigger/badder/better, I sure as hell ain’t gonna waste it on just anyone.

Just my two cents. Stop worrying, and get tugging. We got a ways to go yet!

Chin up and good luck dude.


p.s. Hell, I’ll even go side by side with you since we seem to be at the same place in the race. I’ve got 3 inches to gain in all. I would *love* to have a beefy 7”. I won’t stop until I get it either!

Trying to live my life, the only way I know how, day to day, the best I can. I have issues.

Hey man. I haven’t had a woman call me too small, but if they ever did, I’d have to tell her to take a hike. That doesn’t do anything to a guy except make him feel even more insecure. Besides there’s millions of women out there and not all of them are bitches like the one you’re talking about. So in all honesty I don’t think she is justified trying to pull that on you. I mean you can always say something right back to her about her. If you love her, I don’t mean any offense in this, I’m just speaking my mind.


No, personally I think that’s bull that’d she’d try and pull that on you. If you already broke up, she’s probably just trying to make you feel bad. Ignore that shiat.

Originally Posted by hopesfall

I was just curious if I am doing this for the right reasons

If the reasons are your reasons, then they are the right reasons.

Originally Posted by hopesfall
Does anyone here thing a woman is justified to leave you based on your dick size?

Yes, just like you would be justified for leaving her for…whatever.

I hope you make a routine that works for you and you make your girth goals.

To be objective I personally would rate my physical attraction to a girl *at least* in part to her bodily features. For example; since I am a breast man and I saw a girl with a nice pair of tits then I am going to notice those a lot more than a girl with a flat chest. Does that mean that I wouldn’t/couldn’t be happy with the smaller chested girl? Not at all. Just that there will have to be other things I like to counter the fact that she isn’t not well “endowed.”

As much as we like to fool ourselves, we cannot lie and say if I have a small penis that no one couldn’t/shouldn’t/wouldn’t leave me. If a woman needs say 8” of insertion to be satisfied that is not your fault. They were born that way and there is nothing wrong with you because you don’t have a telephone between your legs. In fact, I would say that the only reason this scenario bothers us is because men in general focus their ego in their penis. Fact of life. So it hurts especially when a break-up comes to this.

The good news is not to sweat it. First of all, if you are here then you are already on the right track. But as Iwannabanana states along with many others, do this for yourself. It is like anything else, change your body for you and only for the better. Don’t let some girl screw with your head because chances are if she breaks up with you over your penis then you too didn’t have that much worth saving in the first place or/and she is a size queen. There are many paths to the same goal so don’t feel that your penis would have stopped a healthy sexual relationship.

It may sound contradictory but don’t let there be bad feelings if you don’t meet each other’s physical tastes and at the same time don’t feel that there is anything wrong with you or her. There are many keys and many locks so don’t call the locksmith unless you want something else.

I hope this helps someone out there, I could have used a good reality check some years ago and saved myself the despair of never feeling like it would be enough.



"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

I personally don’t post much because I don’t know much yet. This “stuff” is new to me.


hopesfall, she knew exactly where to put the dagger into you but all is not lost my friend… I’m certain that girls talk about this type of shit as in how to hurt a guy.. We know better beings that we have the secret weapon of Thunder’s Place PE forums!

Listen very close… No matter what we (the vets) collectivly tell you as a group, you will fixate on this statement she threw at you and it will cause you unmeasureable pain! If you can mannage in some way to understand this going into it, you have a chance to ride this thing out to a positive end… As the other guys said I would let her go her way!

More to the point of size, here is something to think about…. I went through the pain of an affair… A very large penis did nothing to make me feel better about my wife being pleased by another man moreso then by me… Also interesting to note damn near EVERY girl ALL of us have been with have been with the monster cock guys… Key words in the previous sentence are “have been with”… Their alledged size did nothing to keep the girl with them = size has nothing to do with a woman staying or leaving… Facts are that girls know what we fear and most certainly use are fears against us…

In my travels I’ve been humbled by cow pussy, chowder sows and your generic run of the mill cunts… You are in the right place to gain size but do not bank on that aspect alone to get you through what you are headed for….. The best wishes I have for you and if ever you need someone to lean on I’m here for ya….


If a woman leaves you because the size of your dick then she is not worth knowing.

Welcome to Thunders.


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