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Performing a Kegel properly

Performing a Kegel properly

Hi all, I am going to start the newbie routine tomorrow and I need to know how to perform a kegel properly before I try to start. I’ve read the article about them and a few posts I found through searching for kegels on the site and I’m still puzzled. Do I just try to contract the muscle? How do I know if I am doing it correctly?

Many thanks

When you’re peeing, it’s the same muscle that stops the flow. If you can do that, you’re doing it right. Contract, hold 5 seconds, rest 5 seconds.

I do it a different way. I looked up anatomy drawings on Google and saw where the muscle was. I tried to contract that part of my body. It worked very well but it took me two or three sessions to get it right.

Pretending you’re trying to stop peeing usually will the muscle.

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