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Penis won't grow

Penis won't grow

Hello, I’ve been exercising my penis on and off for the past year or so… It’s just for the past couple of months that I’ve been doing a routine with wearing autoXleeve (yellow at day, pink at night) + doing exercises (4-5 times a week stretching for 10 mins every day and some jelqing of 15 mins a day / pumping instead) and my penis just won’t grow at all.
It actually gone a little smaller than my peak when I was training 8 months back…

I’m open to new ideas, considering taking pills or something, any suggestions?
Perhaps I’m doing something wrong?

Patience is needed.give yourself time and you will be a happy jelquer

Reduction in size.Maybe you are doing too much. Back off a bit and see what happens.

Clamp. ADS. Hang. ADS. Repeat.

May I ask what kinds of heat routine you use? How do you warm up and for how long?

My advice would be two things, use more heat and increase the time.

For what a saw on your post, you have gained very nice at the beginning, what were you doing than that you are not any more?

Try to remember or keep a record for each time you exercise this way you can see what works better for you. Every one is different.

I’m not doing warm ups, I simply do my routine after I shower so I consider it as a warm up..
I’m thinking maybe focusing on the pumping though I don’t think it would do anything to my length,
anyways I’m adding ANS (pink autoxleeve) back to my routine…seemed to be working rather well..

by the way, how do you put the ADS autoxleeve on? I put it when the penis is fluffed as much as possible but not hard yet, and I aim it upwards mainly because it’s easier to hang around like that..

Well according to your sig you have made some nice gains already. Which routine were you using when you obtained those gains? Many believe that we should exhaust a routine until we see no more gains from it, and then keep it for some times to cement everything so you can move on.

If you are saying your size is now smaller it is probably because you are doing too much. Try to reduce your routine a bit until at least you recover your size. On a personal note I don’t really think that shower is enough to warm up, but as long as you gain go for it.

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