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Penis Head too dry

Penis Head too dry

Well I’ve been applying oil and stuff when I wetjelq so I’ve ended up with a penis that sometimes looks a little too dry.. (Just the head)
Now this MAY be because of the oil (olive) but I’m not really sure.. Anyway my question would then be if anyone knows something to help this problem..

Sort of like hand-lotion but for your dick.. And ofcourse it should be harmless to your little friend

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Try some Vitamin e oil I use a cheap one I buy in Rite Aid it’s made from vitamin E oil and Safflower oil, it works great and is easy to clean up. It also has no smell and cost 2.99 a bottle.

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I concur with Dino. I use baby oil with VITAMIN E & ALOE in it. It is much easier on the skin and costs under Three american dollars.

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