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Penimaster and Jelq device a perfect couple

Penimaster and Jelq device a perfect couple


I came across the JELQ device and PENIMASTER sometime late April. Is it more effective in size gain if I combine the two device one after the other?

Can anybody out there be willing to share their point of view. Thanks a lot.

Thinking of getting a PENIMASTER. Interested in your routines with the 2.


7.00 x 5.7 (flaccid 5.75 x 4.9)

Goal: 8 x 6 !!!!

IMO, before you make or buy a powerjelq device you should jelq and stretch manually. You need to learn how, plus at least in the beginning you don’t need much stress. Try the newbie routine for a few months.

Thanks hobby,

Been doing manual jelq and stretching for 6 months and I can see gain, SLOW but at least I got my gains.

One thing I experience mostly when jelqing manually is that it is very tiring on the hands, specially the thumb and the pointer finger. My style is to circle my two finger around my cock forming a round instead of clipping it. So I was thinking that maybe the powerjelq can ease up my tiring hand a bit and perhaps I can increase the number of times.

I’m experimenting recently with my pointer finger and the middle finger, forming a PEACE sign. Put my cock in the middle and slowly glide. It somewhat simulate the power jelq but there are two things I notice:

1.) If I grip heavily, I get bended fingers. Ouch! Sorry for that coz I got a weak finger to do that.
2.) If I slide it, my skin is being yank a bit even if there is vaseline. I feel more stretch on the skin than the blood running along my cock.

So I prefer the circle type coz I can use my right hand to hold my tummy (if that’s what you call it) and the same time do the jelqing, but VERY TIRING. So I’m opting for a solution to this. I find the design of the power jelq very useful, but I don’t know if it will have the effect that I wanted.

The stretching on the other hand, I already decided to have the penimaster design than doing manually. One thing is that in penimaster, I get accurate if not consistent pull. Not like the manual stretch, I only rely on sensation/feelings/mood, which is very inconsistent. Why inconsistent? If I got less load of work, or if I’m in the mood to do the stretching, I get the regular and on schedule pull. If I’m tired, I get to pull my cock less lightly and even sometimes, less than my targeted time.

Combining the two mechanism maybe a good idea as I theory, but I don’t know if applied in the actual, I can get the same result as posted. Anymore contribution will be a big help.

Thanks hobby, I really appreciate your comments.

For manual jelqing you could try using two hands. Use the thumb and first two fingers on each hand to apply pressure to the sides. RB posted about this.

Careful with the peace sign style jelqing. In the long run it’s probably a lot harder on the finger joints than a conventional grip.

I made a powerjelq. Instructions are here, with a short summary here. It does ease the strain on your hands, but to me the strokes didn’t feel as effective as jelqing manually. Others like the PJ.

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