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Dry jelquing


Dry jelquing

Hello all,

I guess that this question is directed toward the dry jelquers and especially to RB. Is everyone able to go the entire length in one stroke, or is it a 2 phase stroke? I am really interested in the technique, and would like some more info on hand position etc during these exercises.

I am dry jelqing from the beginning (April 2002), I am uncut and do stroke the entire lenght at once - really the entire lenght, I pay a lot of attention to grab very close to the pubic bone. It’s important to find the ideal portion of skin to draw back when repositioning the hand at the base and still to avoid to PACK to much skin at the base to avoid not being able to clamp tighly because of “all that skin”. I can say that I don’t pull the skin at my pubic bone when reaching the top of my penis…

..OK, handing over to RB…

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

I manipulate my dick to a full erection and start a dry jelquing session, I take care as you might experience bruising if you are beginning the first time. With a palm down when standing or seated and palm up if lying sideways in bed. I then combine the jelque with a kengel as I reach midway down the cock, this helps trap more blood in the penis. I then continue down wards with a fully engorged penis to a count of twenty and relax stopping just below the head.

You must always remain patient as growth comes with time

Cheap trick !!!

mlolongo !!! I read exactly the same wording in the other thread you started yourself. You just copied it…

….just to let you know people are noticing and caring!

BTW: I also advocate jelqing fully erect. I start out palm down when flaccid. After about 20 to 30 strokes it’s time to change to palm up and to squeeze the shit out of ‘him’ for another 200 strokes. Lately I do this only every second day, it’s quite intense and occasionally also bursts vessels in the glans which need to recover.

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Hi L born XXL buried, thanks for the tip on posting I guess I had posted the method just when I saw your posting, so I kind of though it tide up with your dry jelque posting. But you are right erect dry jelquing had caused me some injury in the early stages though I no longer seem to experience them as I guess I have balanced the amount of pressure and just apply that without over doing it. I have always done dry jelquing from the start because I found it more effective.

You must always remain patient as growth comes with time

You need skin.

I dry jelq as well. I have been restoring my foreskin with skin stretching techinques for about three years (off and on, mostly off) and have enough excess skin that I can slide my fingers from the base to the glans. I don’t have as much as an intact man, so I do tend to pull up skin from the scrotum/pubic area when I reach the end of the stroke. I get the best response when I’m about 80% erect. Jelqing with a full erection is dangerous and not for someone just starting.

ropegroper, here is the post I have in my routine thread at describing my technique-

I have big wide hands. When I started, I had a small penis that was hard to get ahold of to do traditional jelqing moves, plus no access to a quality lube I could use easily in the work place. What I did was this:

1- Pretend like your holding an invisible sandwich with both hands, getting ready to take a bite. Notice how your fingers and thumbs are facing each other, one forming a C and the other a reverse C.

2- Keep this position, but rotate your hands so your thumbs are now on top.

3- Using just your thumbs and first two fingers (pointer and middle), grab your dick from both sides mid-shaft like it’s a mini sandwich, and squeeze.

4- Now, slide your skin under your fingers down your shaft as far as you can go. You may have to adjust your initial finger positioning to allow you to get fully to the base, or even do the lower part then the upper until your skin becomes more resiliant, a few days or so. (I can now dry jelq my entire erect 8” shaft in one move). Make sure that the intial spot on your skin where your fingers made contact stay under your fingers for the entire stroke.

5- When you’ve slid as far down as possible, squeeze your fingers together, then slowly slide them as far towards your head as possible. Repeat.

I did this for the first month or so, then went with a water based sex lube. I went back to dry jelqing, as I feel it allows me to get a better workout on the erectile tissues and doesn’t put as much pressure on the veins. Good Luck.

While my fingertips may touch, it is not like a traditional circle ok grip jelq. Also, I rarely jelqed with one hand squeezing the base while the other jelqed. When I did this (with lube), to get enough pressure to feel like I was doing any good made my veins hurt and swell.

I feel dry jelqing like I do allows me to put the pressure where it’s needed, deep in the erectile tissues. I concentrate on making sure I can feel the blood expanding my tissues and moving forward to my head, which swells toward the end of each stroke. When it does, I know the blood is moving. Hope this helped.

thank you all for the replies. I will be practicing. I just wanted everyone to know that I do perform searches before asking questions. Sometimes it is hard to weed through all of the different posts on a given thread to find what you are looking for in terms of the exact answer. Often it involves wading through numerous main links and then sometimes deep in the thread of replies is the answer. I know, thems tha brakes.

again thank you. your answers were much appreciated.

I have been experimenting with dry jelqing. I have only been doing it a week but already I like it better than wet. Since I am on the small side with my girth 6x4.5, I take my hands and put them in the praying position and cross my fingers. Then I spread my palms according to how tight I want it to be.

I do it two-handed.

One hand at base, one midshaft. Squeeze base first then midshaft and then pull both towards glans simultaneously.


Pan i have also tried the two handed dry jelq you explained.How long have you been doing it this way and have you made any girth gains ?

Rb im not sure i understand the OK ring you explained, how does it differ from a traditional ok sign.Are you saying to place your hand with the palm (using right hand )facing the side and have your thumb and index finger meet on the side of the shaft rather than the bottom.Correct me if im wrong but i usually use an overhand grip with the palm also facing the side almost vertically or slightly tilted ( usually the later ) putting most of the pressure on the sides of the penis rather than the top.From what i read this is the best way to do it as far as wet jelqing is concerned.I hear that putting pressure to the top may cause vein damage.I have given up wet jelqing because i dont want any more foreskin, i dont feel im getting as good of a work out like wet jelqing but the theory of dry jelq would suggest that it would be more effective for girth gains and thats all i want.RB should i change the OK ring to the one you described so that the pressure is put on the top of the shaft.Also what erection level would be best when dry jelqing.



I have some good gains but can´t say exactly what exercise did what. Those that are intense, give good pump and stretch seem to work for me.


jelqking, I put the pressure kinda on the top/sides of the shaft. The nice thing about dry jelqing is, you don’t put direct pressure on the veins, so for me I feel it is actually safer than wet jelqing…

RB, what type of erection level do you use, or would be best for gaining girth.

For length, 40-70%.

Girth, 70-100%

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