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penal-scrotal web


penal-scrotal web

This is the web of skin underneath the penis, attached to the scrotum, that some of us have. The question I have is….is there a way to correct this, other than surgically…..through PE? I sometimes have problems with jelqing with this.


I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Some of us may have this web of skin, but not realize it isn’t normal. What are some characteristics, so that when I look at my sack I’ll know if I, too, have a penile-scrotal web.

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I’m not sure thats it’s so much abnormal as it is, inconvienent. Its a webbing of skin attached from usually the middle to lower portion, of the underside of the penis…to the scrotum. Inconvienent because it gets in the way of correct measurements…..jelqing..etc.

Here is a rough picture of what I am talking about.


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Ok, what happened to the pic?



Isn’t that a bit big and a bit orange. I know it says that right by the attachment box, but still.

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Did I miss something here Thunder?


Your pic is a simple but accurate visual of the penile-scrotal web. I think many guys have this particular feature to their dicks. It’s not that unusual, but only the amount of “web” may vary from guy to guy.


My problem is that during jelqing, it pulls at this skin. I have shaved the area and the testes… that helps a little. Is there a way through maybe stretching that skin back to get it to retract. Maybe as I lengthen, it will eventually not matter……hmmm?



Do you mean that the penile-scrotal web area is too tight and makes it uncomfortable for you to jelq (either dryjelq or wetjelq) due to pulling skin issues? If so, I may have a suggestion.



The Turkey Neck problem or lack of it actually?

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