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penal-scrotal web


Don’t know about reducing it. But to ensure it doesn’t get any worse if you hang, always make sure you’ve pulled it all out from behind the wrap before hanging commences.

I had the same problem using an overhand grip, so I switched to using an underhand grip. You can get more force by using an underhand grip, so watch out, I injured myself.

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Ah, I have a web. It isn’t there when I’m erect, but it’s their when I stretch. I’ve been spending a few minutes each day stretching that flap of skin and the skin on the underside of my dick. I’ve been doing this for about a month and I’ve noticed that the flap of skin has moved ever so slightly closer to the base of my dick. Also, the looser portion of the flap has now joined the rest of my scrotum and now enjoys a cozy spot between my balls.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

as far as I can tell, it’s perfectly normal, and most people SHOULD have this…

If you look at your scrotum, you will be able to see a line, a thick line of skin that almost looks like some kind of vein or something, running right down the middle. This is because, all human babies start to devolope as a unisex form, before sexual organs develope. In males, a chemical response is triggered, and the ‘hole’ closes out and around and meets to form the scrotum… I do believe it is during this time that your penis and scrotum become ‘attached’ to one another…

If you’re asking how you can move the point of contact, I really have no idea… I’m sure you could have it surgically moved to a location much closer to the base of the penis.

hmm... yeah...


There is going to be a spot for you in heaven somewhere, because of this site! Thanks guys for all the info:)

I know what you mean, I have some webbing that seems to travel further up the shaft than I’d like it to and it had caused me some problems while jelqing.

What I do is rather than take a full “Okay” grip with the thumb and index finger I more or less grip the shaft with more of a “V” grip with the webbing of the thumb and index finger. This concentrates the jelqing action on the top and sides of the shaft (the cavernosum) and leaves the scrotal webbing and spongiosum alone. I’ve heard that there’s more likelyhood of damaging structures in the spongiosum anyway, so perhaps this has the added bonus of being safer also. It seems to work well for me, I am able to get a good flow of blood down the shaft . Hope this made sense. GOOD LUCK

My “turkey neck” as TT so astutely called it rides about halfway up my shaft, both erect and flaccid. I can’t say it’s been much of a problem while jelqing; in fact it sort of gives me a nice little spot to notch my index finger.


Neither in flaccid state or in erect state is my web visible, but when I pull the skin out my web is huge. It’s about 8x8 cm or 3.1x3.1 inch and it starts halfway down my shaft :( ‘Luckily’ I got enough normal loose skin so I can grab just above where the web starts for (dry) jelqing from base to top. I do sometimes get skin burns from hanging because of web.

Where the web begins on my shaft there’s also my hairline. The longer you PE the higher up your shaft it will start I think.


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