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PE without warmup, or no PE at all


Secretman9 do you play any sports the Ricesock is Also used for injuries in sports bad knee neckacke any body part whit ligs and muscle you can use that ricesock for, that’s What I do and I live whit my girl. Just use it in your room or bathroom then you can even jelq and do routine in shower just make sure you use hot water at the end to warmdown. Don’t use hot water the hole time Lol your parent will kill you, go half and half for the shower.

Hope I helped don’t let up my Man were all routing for you. You Got this.

Just to revisit this in case anyone newer comes across it (this thread is bound to be popular amongst newbies)..

You can warm up VERY quickly and VERY stealthily with mgus’s method. Leave a cup or tin can in the bathroom, fill it with warm tap water, dunk until your meatus is warm. If you get the right temperature, I find I can be at a workable temperature in 30-60 seconds, though there may be physiological advantages to having a longer durational warm up than this. But I find this warm up to be so easy and so fast, there’s almost no excuse to avoid it. Leave your toothbrush in a cup, use a paper cup, there are so many ways of letting the apparatus merge with the environment, be invisible.

Anyway, the warm up is the easy part. Getting enough of an erection to put on a clamp at the drop of a dime, in accordance with your schedule and getting a clamping set in, that’s harder.


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