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PE vs. Bodybuilding

PE vs. Bodybuilding

This is my first post here, but I am not new to the PE “scene”. I havent gained much, 3/8” length and 1/8” girth in about 3 months, but I havent been consistent.I remember my second month I had about 4 PE sessions, and I am not complaining why I’m not gaining significantly. I actually started reading about PE nearly a year ago and I started doing jelqs and such for a good while, although again not consistent what-so-ever. Enough rambling, here is what I would like to hear your opinions on:

You have your CC/CS tissues in your penis, and you expand them by doing the various exercises. These exercises put more blood into the tissues, resulting in expansion. As far as I know (I don’t think anyone truly knows) no real tissue “damage” for rebuilding occurs.

You bodybuild and you have your muscles, fast twitch/slow twitch whatever. You add resistance to your muscles while performing whatever exercise you are doing, and blood rushes to those muscles. Micro-tears occur in the muscles you are working with resistance, you eat protein, drink water, sleep and your muscles rebuild.

This is where I get confused.why should there be rest days for PE? Like I said, what is happening to the tissues (CC/CS), in order for them to rebuild to get bigger just like weight training? They are just expanding, unless there is something I don’t know about. If someone could maybe teach me something I don’t know, I would be happy. I am not saying that PE doesnt work, I just don’t understand why there needs to be rest days unlike in weight training. Also, I understand there are no muscles in the penis, and I also know that PE and bodybuilding arent the same. Thanks for any input!

Do a search on: micro tears.

Really, when you’ve PEed enough, you’ll know when you need rest days.
Personally, I keep rest days to a minimum, but my routine isn’t TOO hardcore.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Probably the main reason for rest days in PE is because guys go overboard to the point of causing visible macro damage and that definitely requires heal time.

I think with self control and moderation, rest days can be kept to a minimum but even then, taking a short break in the action is usually welcomed by the body and it has a positive effect.

My routine these days if often like 13 days on and one off, but I am trying to be careful to stay in control during my workouts and maintain healthy tissue expansion.

I have the same philosophy in my bodybuilding routine than with PE. Im going Doggcrapp routine, which is 100% intensity, ball to the walls training style. My PEing is the same. With this level of intensity, I need rest. Im doing a 3 days per week routine for Peing (tu/th/sat), so 4 rest days. These are maybe newbie gains, but I gained .25 in length and 1/8 in girth in about 2 months, which I consider good results.

I really doubt that the physical aspects correlate between PE vs Bodybuilding.
Going for pain in PE is not a good thing.

But to be good at both you need to stick to it and do it often.

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Much has been said on this very topic. In terms of sheer discipline over the monotony of exercise, bodybuilding is a reasonable metaphor, otherwise, it is not a great analogy. The penis is more anatomically complex than your biceps (yes, there is smooth muscle in the penis).

PE physiology
Hypertrophy & PE

The big gainers, such as Bib, didn’t take much in the way of breaks: mind you, they also were mature enough not to be frantically yanking at their wang in an effort to gain an inch in a month. Many of the big gainers were hangers, who simply hit the right point of mild fatigue, then kept their organ in an elongated state. Everybody always freaks out at Bib’s max weight: they seem to forget that as the day progressed, and he got more and more fatigued, he would use less and less weight.

As jelktoid points out in the above, the Orthopaedic medical community has been actively using the scientifically proven traction method for many years, with great results. In these parts it’s been referred to as the “Stretched Rubberband” theory of PE. I’m a big believer in ADS: I believe that my best gains have come using it.


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