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PE spam pep talk

PE spam is pep talk.

Y’know, now that I’ve started doing PE exercises and know for sure that they work, I look at penis enlargement e-mail spam in a totally new light. It’s like sports pep talk, I get a positive feeling out of periodically reading things in my inbox like: “Impress her with a bigger tool”, “Never have her call you ‘tiny’ again”, “Increase your manhood”, “Enhance your sexual power”, “Make your lovestick bigger” etc etc. :D

Poor spammers have no idea what a favour they’re doing me, for free. :P

Anyone else had this experience?

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I peruse my spambox for entertainment. The best ones are imaginative, like, “Slay her dragon with a bigger meat-sword” or “Tell her you’re not fat, just BIG-Boned.”

Progress Thread - I assure you, I'm growing.

I could live with out it, I would rather get my motivation here at thunders and from the moan of some sweet honey rather than a spammer. But I will say they are pretty clever at getting passed the spam filters:) .

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I never see my spam, I am lucky if I remember to check my actual proper emails. :D


Isn’t that the stuff that comes in a can?

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

Oh, I forgot the best subject line, “Get a visit from the Big-Dick fairy.” Ok, that may be a little disturbing on a couple of planes, but still funny for the Inbox.

Progress Thread - I assure you, I'm growing.

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