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Do you talk openly about PE


Do you talk openly about PE

Given the fact that I believed PE was a big lie for years before finding this forum by chance, I have to ask: Do you talk openly about PE?

I wouldn’t dare talk about it to even friends, but we’re all fairly reserved in that area and it’s partly because I’m very small. I think once I’ve gained a good bit and gotten up to average size I’d be happy to tell friends.

At the same time I’m sure there’s no man on the planet who wouldn’t be grateful to know it can be done regardless of what size they are!

I would honestly never tell any of my friends. I know it sounds selfish, but there’s a few reasons. #1 They are too immature to listen to the idea. #2 They would probably throw it out there at inappropriate times, especially with girls I’m trying to pickup. If these girls see insecurity, you’re screwed for the most part. #3 It’s not worth the time. Just my opinion, there’s a few other reasons, and if people really want to know I’ll get into it later.

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I only talk about it with the wifey and she hardly listens. Could never imagine talking about it with friends.

Best Friend Already Knew About PE

Do I talk Openly about PE? Hell no—and I plan to keep it that way. It’s a bit too private of a matter to share with my friends or family.

However, I did figure out a friend of mine already knew about PE.

My best friend from college (over 13 years of knowing each other & years as roommates) is a sex maniac, and probably the best womanizer I have ever known. Even if he had a 9x7 unit I’m sure he would be interested in PE (he’s ultra competitive).

What’s really funny is that I asked him a few questions and he admitted he has already known about PE for a while. He then showed me a web link to an ADS he was already planning to purchase. I then admitted to him that I was doing a PE routine myself and that I had already made some newbie gains. He then told me “hey this is great, before long we’re going to be a couple of Dirk Digglers running around”.

As far as I have gone is to say. Ginkgo makes your dick harder. But not about PE itself.

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Who cares. What difference does it make. Is the RESULT that we really care!

Haha but no, I don’t talk about penis around my friends for one reason that they all gotta bigger gears( at least I think, my friends are either white or black, and I am asian, yea good luck embrassing yourself!). I wouldn’t ever talk about it infront of guys because that is just purely too fag for me. I don’t know just my 2 cents. :)

Originally Posted by GlandMaster
“The first rule of Fight Club…”



Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Mmmmm.. I’m just thinking that I suffered with being small for so long, why inflict that on anyone else?

But I suppose it is a competition :p

Yeah, this is horrible, but personally I wouldn’t want this stuff to go public— What we would have to do if 8” became average? I would be pumping, stretching, jelqing, and hammering my wang all day just to maintain status quo.

Exactly sounds selfish but true.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

I talk to my friends about it and often can say it to girls as well but not to brag but I just mention in the middle of the sentence. For example, if they ask what I have been doing during the day I might say “I did some schoolwork, did a bit of penis training, watched a movie and now I am just cruising the Internet”. I don’t do a big deal of it. Of course, most women gets interested and want to know more so :) My male friends is kind of curious to about it but they are to “scared” to begin with it themselves xD

yes I do, with my male friend or my girlfriends. Why ? I find it amusing and I don’t really care about my size anymore…

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Only my partner knows, my ex and one friend who was going on about how small he was to me so I said.. Stop complaining and do something about it, he is glad I told him about it.

But it’s not something I would bring up in conversation with a group of friends

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