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Pe penis deformity

Pe penis deformity

Greetings fellow penis enlargers.
Last week, I started PE for the first time.
My routine is as follows:

5 minutes warm up in shower
5 minutes stretching
10 minutes o-blasters
100 jelqs
5 minute warm down
Minor stretching.

My penis is NOTICEABLY thicker, but it looks a but deformed and is a bit sensitive. Right below the head, on the underneath of the right side (my view from top), the skin looks swollen and baggy. It is a little sensitive, and also I can feel a thick vein in there that I’ve never felt before. The looseness of it disappears when I’m erect, but the same area is still a bit larger than the other. I tried for 2 days for the first time last week and then stopped because I thought my penis was trying to tell me it needed a rest. I haven’t continued since.

What do you guys think?

On the bright side of all this , my girlfriend told me my penis was much thicker and it was harder to accommodate me.
Any suggestions as far a revising my routine for maximum length growth is also welcomed and encouraged.


You will get more vascular with your routine.

You probably have a bit of irritation since you are just starting out. This should go away as you continue your exercises. Make sure you take a day off after 2 days of exercising as stated in the newbie routine. This way, your dick will become accostomed to the stress.

If you have any pain, stop immediately and if it continues, get to the doctor ASAFP.

Good luck.

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Sounds like lymph fluid build up from too tight a grip and/or your penis not being fully conditioned yet to accept PE.

Lighten up, go slower at first. It’s not that uncommon to experience what you have, but you can really end up fucking up your dick if you’re not careful. If you warm wrap, even with a wet washcloth, it should go away pretty fast. Maybe in an hour, maybe take the rest of the day. Take it as a minor warning to slow down until your dick gets more accustomed to working out first. Then you can abuse it with fun. Do some more reading also in the injuries forum and else where. You’ll save yourself a lot of dick ache.

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

Grip intensity

Originally Posted by RootCap
Sounds like lymph fluid build up from too tight a grip..

From reading the injuries forum, it sounds like it could also be a thrombosed vein I was referring to.

I suppose this brings me to my next question: How hard should I be gripping when jelqing? My hands have been getting tired after doing 50 or so jelqs, and I have to massage them for a few seconds in order to continue. I know at the gym, my grip is my weak point (can barely hold 350 lbs for barbell shrugs), but I don’t know if there is any correlation with jelqing. Thanks again guys

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