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PE pay sites? are they worth the money?


Thanks for the good info everyone. It’s funny I was thinking about joining penis-health before I came across Thunders.

I was thinking about joining penis-health as well. Lucky for me, their internet bank rejected my credit card. They really look like a site that has much to offer, but from what I’ve read here they seem to be worse then other pay sites. And I don’t think you’ll find this amount of support and brainstorming anywhere else. Thunder’s Place is the place to be.

It is to my knowledge that penis-health is a rip-off site anyway. I know that massivemember is pretty much as well a rip-off. It’s sad that people actually get caught up in paying because they are being preyed upon men’s insecurities. I looked at a site called Master of Size (seems to have had some correlation to this site at one time, but I have no idea and don’t really care) and it is a lot like this site except there they are about the money as well. I agree that it cost to run sites like this one but I assure you there are other ways to make money and you don’t have to play people. I much rather pay the $50 to thunder and support him than give it to a bunch of money grubbing people.

The thing where people get caught up in the trap is they think that because they are paying for something that they are surely going to get a better deal than a free site can offer. Although this is true at times it is not always the rule. I have naively paid for PE and I screwed up by doing so because after seeing the paid sites and seeing this site I can tell you that this site offers you the exact same exercises and more. Just because you pay for PE techniques does not guarantee you a bigger dick.

Something else I find funny is looking at the forums at MOS there are a lot of people online again proving that people think they are getting something better because they pay for it. (Either that or they have the time out feature to VB set really high so it looks like there are a lot more people online than there actually is.) The owner of that site can say whatever he wants by saying that he is doing it to help people out but the sad fact is he and the owners of the other two mentioned sites are vultures leaching off the male insecurity.

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Well I got a user/password for penis-health. Dont ask how ;)
I swear we have tons of more information to offer here!
Penis-health is just one big rip-off !
They also have this “Ask someone” some girl looking like a pornstar is answering your questions. Do you believe shes really doing that ?
There were all theese questions - When i jerk-off I like to put my finger in my ass. Is that okay ?

PENIS-HEALTH = Rip-off !

Originally Posted by mbuc
Hi 2more,

I think if you stay here a while you will find everything and more than you would at a pay-site. Good luck with your PE!

Before I found this site I paid about $40 for a site with info and exercises that I later found here for free. And like mbuc said you get alot more out of this site.

If you find this site it would be a big waste of money to join a paysite. I had joined a paysite a year ago, they don’t give you deep details as this site does. I bet most of the people who are members of a pay site don’t really know what they are doing I admit that I didn’t. This site is the best period.

I don’t think so, 2moreinches!

if you really want to pay something, well.. you can donate some bills to this site :) Everything’s FREE here, but if you want to support it, you can ;)



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Originally Posted by Pulsar
I don’t think so, 2moreinches!
if you really want to pay something, well.. you can donate some bills to this site :) Everything’s FREE here, but if you want to support it, you can ;)

Even the beer is free!

Free Beer

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