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PE pay sites? are they worth the money?


PE pay sites? are they worth the money?

hi new this whole p.e thing and i found this site through a search. but also i came across many sites that offered exercises for money. is there anything i can learn own a pay-site that i cant learn here. please any help will be appreciated.

Hi 2more,

I think if you stay here a while you will find everything and more than you would at a pay-site. Good luck with your PE!

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Just read some on this site and you tell me. I don’t think so, infact you will get more here. But to find out for yourself you will have to pay some other site and see. Take my advise and save your money, I wish I did.

Learn from my mistakes and others.

thanks for the response. and i will listen and see what this site has to offer. to be honest i never knew you can make you penis bigger through excersize, i thought it was a rumor. i thought penis size was all base on genetics. unless you had an enlargment operation. but im exicited to get started and see what i can gain.

Screw the paysites!

You’ll find a plethora of info here and no one wants to sell you anything in the process.

Those pay sites have nothing compared to this site. I tried several different ones and they all had the same basic info with wild claims. Nobody ever was on the forums and I gained little at any of them. Thunder’s is the place to be.

I have paid for one of those sites in the past *cough* massivemember *cough* and everything you find there you will find at this site for free so don’t waste your money.

What are you guys talking about? If he sticks with the paysites he can gain 4 inches in only 10 minutes a day!

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Thanks for all the help. I will not be wasting any money on a pay-site. When I have so much info here.

Isn’t there a thread where guys talk about the info they got from pay sites? I thought I saw that once, but didn’t read it apparently.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Of course NOT

Hi 2more!
Although I visit the English-forum very seldom (because I am from the Spanish one) your question about payed sites deserves an answer…even in a not-very-good-English.
I am myself member of two payed sites since a couple of years or more. In 2004 I discovered Thunder’splace by chance and I am really happy with this “discovery”, not because it’s free but because the amount and quality of information presented here (and the mateness by the way…).
Honestly, I can’t find any serious stuff lacking here that would be in the payed sites. All what a man need to know to enlarge his dick without shrinking his wallet can be found here, even a chatroom for exchange information.
Of course, payed sites offer lots of ads, magic pills, some “inspiring” porn…but nothing else.
I strongly recommend you not to believe that greater gains would come from payed sites. In PE, for once, money is not needed.

In short dude, welcome to free PE, kinda brotherhood.
Take care,


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Don’t Ever Get Penis-health

This is just like a paysite, except free.

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